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November 10, 2008

1. A leaked UK intelligence report is said to have identified terrorist enclaves in major British cities planning mass casualty attacks.

2. Three Bali bombers were executed in Indonesia, guilty of killing 202 in night club bombings.

3. London paper source says Usama bin Laden is planning greater attacks on US, saying that training camps across world are in a 'positive phase' of operational planning and training for a new wave of attacks on West.

4. New York Times publicizes secret order authorizing special forces operations against al-Qaeda terrorists around the world. Question is why NYT would do so.

5. President-Elect Obama offers double talk on EU missile shield, saying different things to different leaders and the public.

Secret Order Lets U.S. Raid al-Qaeda in Many Countries - NY Times
Comment on Above: The New Boldness: Dissenters Transition To Power - National Review Online
Bin Laden 'plans new attack on US,' in 'positive phase' - Sydney Morning Herald

African Leaders Act Measuredly to Defuse Conflict in Congo - NY Times

3 Bali Bombers were executed, buried - Counterterrorism Blog

Arabs lament lack of dialogue with West on Iran nuclear crisis - AFP
Israel's Barak to Rice: All options are on the table regarding Iran nukes - Haaretz

13 Qassams fired at Negev over weekend - Haaretz
Rice, Israel's Livni Brief Middle East Peace Quartet - US Dept. of State

Drone attacks souring ties with US, says Durrani - DAWN
Conflicting Messages: ‘US policy towards Pakistan to remain unchanged’ - Daily Times
Conflicting Messages: Obama to reassess strategy on Pakistan, Afghanistan - DAWN

Obama's First Foreign Policy Error: Double Talk on Poland, EU Missile Shield - Environmental Republican
Russia to Deploy Missiles Only If U.S. Builds Shield - Bloomberg
Russian President Calls Obama; Kremlin Describes Upbeat Talk - Washington Post

Moscow flexes muscle in Ukraine to quell NATO aspirations - Washington Times

Report Identifies UK Terrorist Enclaves Planning Mass Casualty Attacks - Telegraph

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