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November 25, 2008

1. Defendants in Holy Land Foundation trial over funding the Hamas terrorist group are found guilty on all counts.

2. Bin Laden's driver expected to be freed from Guantanamo Bay facility and return to Yemen. A man once detained in Canada, once an employee of bin Laden, has asked to be returned to prison rather than endure surveillance.

3. Shipping countries request NATO naval forces to combat piracy in Gulf of Aden, but NATO declines. UN now asked for force.

4. Pakistani intelligence report says Taliban suicide attacks imminent at Karachi airport and Islamabad governmental offices.

Bin Laden''s driver to be freed by US, expected back home in Yemen - Kuwait News Agency
Ex-detainee & former bin Laden farmer asks for jail rather than surveillance - Globe and Mail

Colonel Cucullu Looks At Guantanamo Bay Prisoners & Facilities - Inside Gitmo
Justice Urges Appeals Court to Reverse Order to Release Uighur Detainees - Washington Post

Hizballah pays Palestinians to attack Israel - Jerusalem Post
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Holy Land Foundation defendants guilty on all counts - Dallas Morning News
Guilty Verdict Should Terminate Gov't & Biz Relationships With UICCs - Counterterrorism Blog

Taliban militants arrested in acid attack on Afghan girls - CNN
NATO commander urges member countries to send more forces to Afghanistan - Canadian Press
Austalia's PM holds tongue on Karzai's intended Taliban talks - The Age

Thousands receive aid in DR Congo as ceasefire holds - Telegraph

Iraq's new Dawn - New York Post
Woman kills 7 at Green Zone - AP

Israel Seals Gaza Border Crossings - VOA
US Puts Pressure on Israel to Refrain from Attacks - TIME
Israel, settlers reach outpost compromise - Washington Times

Taliban plan to strike Karachi airport, Islamabad ministries - Daily Times
Success claimed in Michini operation: 25 militants killed, 40 arrested - DAWN
Military rift with Pakistan hurts war as old guard exits Pak military - Washington Times
‘Pak-US co-operation producing results in fighting insurgency’ - Daily Times

Ship owners call for UN-led force against Piracy- BBC
DC Lawyering Up for Pirates' Rights? - The American Spectator

Once Considered Invincible, Chavez Takes a Blow - NY Times

November 24, 2008

1. Pakistani PM continues to rail against US missile strikes, though they have been very successful as of late in liquidating Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders and planners.

2. Israel is growing concerned the US may sell tanks to a Lebanese government less than friendly to Israel, while Iran is offering to provide Lebanon with missiles and other heavy arms. Such a move would deepen Hizballah's grip on government.

3. In the Gulf of Aden, Somali piracy continues, with pirates now demanding a $15 million ransom for the release of its latest major freighter taken by force.

4. Hugo Chavez allies have won significant governorships in the Venezuelan elections, solidifying the recalcitrant socialist's grip on power, though opposition did win some posts.

Mauritanians jailed over al-Qaeda ties - BBC
Global Forecast by American Intelligence Expects al-Qaeda’s Appeal to Falter - NY Times

Barak: Hizballah now has 42,000 missiles - Jerusalem Post
Hezbollah, an Imminent Danger - Middle East Times

Commanders Praise Increased Cooperation With Pakistani and Afghan Forces - Washington Post
14 Militants Killed in Afghanistan - VOA
Afghanistan winter brings a lull in combat between Taliban and Western forces - Los Angeles Times
US planning to deploy more troops near Pakistan border - DAWN
Brit Commentary: The ‘Good War’ Isn’t Worth Fighting - NY Times

Iran and Hamas declare digital war against Israel - ITIC

Deadly bomb attacks hit Baghdad - Adnkronos International

Iran to Propose to Suleiman Providing Lebanon with Missiles, Heavy Arms - Naharnet
Jerusalem worried US will sell tanks to Lebanon - Jerusalem Post

Pakistan says militants pushed back from Peshawar- AP
US strikes pave way for suicide attacks: Gilani - Daily Times

Pirates want $15mln for seized ship, says Islamist leader - Adnkronos International

Allies of Venezuela's Ch疱ez Win Big, but Opposition Secures Key Posts - Washington Post

November 23, 2008

1. As US prepares to increase combat forces in Afghanistan, Canadian Defense Minister says some NATO countries "slacking" in their commitments, including avoidance of actual combat.

2. A US missile strike has killed British al-Qaeda member Rashid Rauf, who escaped Pakistani prison after arrest over foiled 2006 transatlantic airline bombings plot. Pakistani PM called another US strike killing a Taliban commander "intolerable."

3. Russia is threatening to cut Ukraine's gas supply this winter, as it did to Georgia last winter, over claims Ukraine owes $2.4 billion.

4. As Somali pirates boldly increase their maritime hijackings, Greece pays ransom while al-Qaeda affiliated al-Shabaab insurgents prepare to descend on pirates' headquarter city.

Hunt for Brit Rashid Rauf that ended with Predator hellfire - Times Online (UK)
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Inside the covert world of Gaza's rocket factories - CTV

Saudi Arabia offers asylum to Taliban's Mullah Omar - DAWN
Afghanistan: What Lessons to Apply from Iraq? - Small Wars Journal
Gates Backs Buildup of U.S. Troops in Afghanistan - Washington Post
Canadian Defense Minister says some NATO countries slacking in Afghanistan - CTV

Iran denounces IAEA press leaks - UPI
The Leak: Iran Said to Have Nuclear Fuel for One Weapon - NY Times
Our Take: RapidRecon: Iran: The Genie Has Left The Building - ThreatsWatch
Iran hangs man convicted of spying for Israel - Washington Times

Iraqi Lawmakers Ready to Vote on US Security Deal (SOFA) - VOA
Obama accused of selling out on Iraq by picking hawks to run foreign policy - Telegraph
Our Take: Kudos To Obama For Ignoring Anti-War Extreme Left In This Regard - ThreatsWatch

Qassams strike western Negev in latest threat to fragile truce - Haaretz
Candidate for U.S. security adviser wants NATO force in West Bank - Haaretz

Arab World Reacts Cautiously to US New Ambassador to Libya - VOA

PM Gillani calls latest US Drone Attack That Killed Taliban Leader 'Intolerable' - Adnkronos international
Al-Qaeda-friendly militants operating in Karachi, warns top advisor - Adnkronos international
Zardari proposes nuclear-free S Asia - Daily Times

Bush Hails Georgian Revolution Ahead of Talks With Medvedev - Washington Post
Russian leader embarks on defiant Latin America tour - AFP

Greeks pay ransom to Somali pirates for ship - Washington Times
AQ-linked al-Shabaab fighters enter Somalia pirate town and plan to attack - Telegraph

Russia's Gazprom to stop winter gas deliveries to Ukraine over debt - UPI
Naftogaz owes nothing to Gazprom, says company's press center - Kyiv Post

November 17, 2008

1. The recently closed US supply route through Peshawar to the Khyber Pass is to be reopened Monday. Pakistani forces ahev been given "license to kill" to protect NATO supplies.

2. Discussion of Iraqi Cabinet approval of Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) continues from yesterday. Full withdrawal timeline for end of 2011, operational immunity for US combat troops, Sadr calls for armed resistance, al-Sistani backs Iraqi government measure.

3. Curious timing in Lebanon as two reports surface: Saad Hariri said to be making political ties with Lebanon's Salafi Sunnis, while his al-Mustaqbal (Future) movement's newspaper released what it says is proof that al-Qaeda-linked Lebanese Fatah al-Islam was backed by Syrian intelligence and not the al-Mustaqbal movement.

4. Hamas' Ismail Haniyeh is reported to have said that Hamas will 'restore the calm' if Israel lifts its blockade, a blockade that began after attacks from Gaza.

Acid attack girl vows to go back to school 'even if they kill me' - DAWN

New Gaza Jihadist Group Vows Loyalty to Al-Qaeda - MEMRI

Militant leader vows to honor U.N. cease-fire - AP
Congo rebels advance despite cease-fire - Washington Times

Unity on new Iran sanctions elusive - Chicago Tribune
Two-Faced Tehran - Baltimore Sun

Pact, Approved in Iraq, Sets Time for U.S. Pullout - NY Times
US troops leave more security in hands of Iraqis - The Guardian (UK)
For More, See Also: DailyBriefing: November 16, 2008 - ThreatsWatch
After nemesis' death, Sons of Iraq leader recovers from attack - The Long War Journal
Commentary: The Audacity of Victory: How To End a War - National Review

Does Election of Dovish Obama Usher in Netanyahu in Israel?- The National
PA crackdown has Hamas reducing cash transfers to W. Bank - Haaretz
American ISIS study urges Obama to press Israel over nuclear program - Haaretz
Hamas' Haniyeh: Calm to continue if blockade lifted - al-Bawaba
Palestinians Predict End of Gaza Ceasefire - BBC

Pirates capture Saudi oil tanker south of Mombasa - BBC

Hizballah Calls for Referendum: Seeking to Legitimize Parallel Military Forces? - Counterterrorism Blog
Al-Mustaqbal publishes 'proof' that Syria, not Future (Mustaqbal), helped Fatah al-Islam - Daily Star
Fatah Islam Testimonies: Syrian Intel Behind its Operations in Lebanon - An-Nahar
Salafi Sunnis and Saad Hariri team up in politics - Los Angeles Times
Hezbollah Leader Warns Against Obama Hopes - NY Times

Pakistan reopens Khyber crossing to NATO convoys - Long War Journal
US Supply Route to Re-Open, Pak Forces get ‘licence to kill’ to protect NATO supplies - Daily Times
Pakistan torn over its tribal areas - Asia Times

Putin Wanted to Hang Georgian President 'by the balls' - An-Nahar
Putin may return for even longer as Duma clears way for longer terms in Russia - International Herald Tribune

Suspected Basque separatist ETA military chief arrested in France - Telegraph

November 16, 2008

1. Iraqi cabinet votes 36-1 in favor of Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), which allows US forces immunity in combat and forces a full withdrawal time table of December 31, 2011. Final hurdle is Iraqi parliament approval.

2. On the SOFA passage, Iranian-backed Muqtada al-Sadr has called for armed resistance if passed by parliament. However, the more powerful Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani supports the agreement and said, “The people who reject this agreement did not give us a logical alternative. We respect their position, but we support the majority decision.”

3. A crucial US supply line through Pakistan into Afghanistan has been once again shut down by Pakistan due to increased Taliban and al-Qaeda roadside attacks. Fuel tankers and cargo trucks are again banned form the route until better security can be established.

4. Hamas continues rocket and mortar attacks into Israel as the IAF strikes back against the terrorists. British FM David Milband arrived in Israel and was urged to support Israel's defense against Gaza attacks. He instead criticized Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Afghan president offers Taliban chief safe passage for talks - International Herald Tribune
How Should the U.S. Execute a Surge in Afghanistan? - Small Wars Journal

New fighting erupts in Congo - Washington Times

EU monitors say they were fired on in Georgia - Boston Globe

Iran detains 10 'spies' near Pakistan's Baluchestan Province border - Daily Times

Iraqi Cabinet Approves Security Pact With U.S. - NY Times
As pact is debated, Sadr repeats call to arms - International Herald Tribune
'Mother of all suicide bombers' warns of rise in attacks - Telegraph

4 Gaza militants firing mortars killed in Israeli airstrike - Breitbart
British FM Miliband arrives in Israel 'to advance peace talks' - Haaretz
Miliband urged to support Israel's stand on Gaza - AFP
Miliband instead challenges Israel on West Bank settlements - International Herald Tribune
Israel Threatens Gaza Offensive - NDTV Arabia

US supply line threatened by Pakistan truck halt - Washington Post
Every major terror threat involves Pakistan: CIA - DAWN
Suspected US missile strike kills at least 12 in Waziristan - Adnkronos international
Pakistan accepts $12bn IMF rescue package, braces for austerity measures - The Australian

Medvedev backpedals on missile threats - Washington Times

Mexico drug wars spill across the border - Los Angeles Times

November 10, 2008

1. A leaked UK intelligence report is said to have identified terrorist enclaves in major British cities planning mass casualty attacks.

2. Three Bali bombers were executed in Indonesia, guilty of killing 202 in night club bombings.

3. London paper source says Usama bin Laden is planning greater attacks on US, saying that training camps across world are in a 'positive phase' of operational planning and training for a new wave of attacks on West.

4. New York Times publicizes secret order authorizing special forces operations against al-Qaeda terrorists around the world. Question is why NYT would do so.

5. President-Elect Obama offers double talk on EU missile shield, saying different things to different leaders and the public.

Secret Order Lets U.S. Raid al-Qaeda in Many Countries - NY Times
Comment on Above: The New Boldness: Dissenters Transition To Power - National Review Online
Bin Laden 'plans new attack on US,' in 'positive phase' - Sydney Morning Herald

African Leaders Act Measuredly to Defuse Conflict in Congo - NY Times

3 Bali Bombers were executed, buried - Counterterrorism Blog

Arabs lament lack of dialogue with West on Iran nuclear crisis - AFP
Israel's Barak to Rice: All options are on the table regarding Iran nukes - Haaretz

13 Qassams fired at Negev over weekend - Haaretz
Rice, Israel's Livni Brief Middle East Peace Quartet - US Dept. of State

Drone attacks souring ties with US, says Durrani - DAWN
Conflicting Messages: ‘US policy towards Pakistan to remain unchanged’ - Daily Times
Conflicting Messages: Obama to reassess strategy on Pakistan, Afghanistan - DAWN

Obama's First Foreign Policy Error: Double Talk on Poland, EU Missile Shield - Environmental Republican
Russia to Deploy Missiles Only If U.S. Builds Shield - Bloomberg
Russian President Calls Obama; Kremlin Describes Upbeat Talk - Washington Post

Moscow flexes muscle in Ukraine to quell NATO aspirations - Washington Times

Report Identifies UK Terrorist Enclaves Planning Mass Casualty Attacks - Telegraph

November 7, 2008

1. US commanders say that, in a firefight in Afghanistan, the Taliban put and kept civilians directly in the line of fire, preventing them from fleeing and using them as shields.

2. CENTCOM commander General David Petraeus says that recent airstrikes in the Afghan-Pak theater have killed 3 of the region's top 20 terrorist leaders.

3. Ahead of transition at the White House, the Treasury Department has tightened sanctions against Iran.

4. Though Venezuelan ally Hugo Chavez has so far failed in his own rule extension bid, Vladimir Putin "could return as president next year" in Russia.

U.S. Says Taliban Put Afghans in Line of Fire - NY Times
President Bush to Press for Bigger Afghan Army - AP

China tests its mettle in Syria, Surging in Middle East - Asia Times
China flexes military hardware muscle - AFP

Congo rebels drive thousands from their homes - Telegraph

France jails 4 members of jihad network - International Herald Tribune

U.S. Treasury tightens banking sanctions on Iran - Reuters
Ahmadinejad Sends Letter to Obama - NY Times

Obama Victory, Timetable Alter the Tenor of Iraqi Politics - NY Times
Shell secures 25-year access to Iraq's oil, gas - Washington Times

Rice: Peace Agreement Before Inauguration Unlikely- NY Times
Obama, Olmert agree on need to advance peace process - Reuters

Recent Pakistan air strikes killed top militants, says Petraeus - DAWN
13 dead in suspected missile strike in North Waziristan - Washington Times
Obama's (Jewish) first pick raises (Pakistani) eyebrows - DAWN
Pakistan sets death penalty for cyber terrorism - Telegraph

Chavez Bid Failed, But Putin 'could return as Russian president next year' - Telegraph
U.S. Engages Russia on Missile Defense - NY Times

Syrian TV shows men 'confessing' to deadly bomb blast (Caveat Emptor) - AFP

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