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October 13, 2008

1. In Pakistan, another suspected US missile strike hits Taliban safehouse as Pakistani troops continue to take fight to a reeling Taliban in areas. Meanwhile, emboldened Pakistani tribes are also successfully taking the fight to Taliban and al-Qaeda there.

2. Al-Qaeda continues to execute Christians in Mosul, driving 3,000 out of city in fear this past week alone. Iraqi police have been bolstered to provide security. Chaldean Catholics are protected by Iraq Awakening movement in Central Iraq, but Mosul finds Christians without such protection.

2. Oil prices have dropped to lowest in over a year while America's enemies cheering the current economic crisis hurt far worse than America. OPEC mulls production drop.

Crude oil plunged below $US78 - Sydney Morning Herald
OPEC to consider cutting supply as oil price falls - Times Online
As profits dip, oil countries' aid programs may take hit - USA Today
TIME Asks Dumbest Question of Year: Is Cheaper Oil A Good Thing? - TIME

Perspective: America's Enemies Cheering US Financial Crisis Hurt More Than America - World Tribune

Gadahn is Back: Urges Mujahideen of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan to unite - SAAG

British Army interpreter was Iranian spy, court hears - Telegraph
General Says He’s Hopeful About Taliban War - NY Times

Hindu Threat to Christians: Convert or Flee - NY Times

Police sent to secure Christians in Mosul - AFP
Security Boosted Around Mosul - Washington Post
Iran Interfering in U.S.-Iraq Security Pact, General Says - Washington Post

Militias battling Taliban, al Qaeda - AP
Pakistan kills 25 more militants in airstrike - Reuters
Pakistani Government to Unveil Anti-Terror Strategy - VOA
Missile fired by US drone kills five in Pakistan - Arab News

The Internet and Terrorism: HAMAS' New AqsaTube Propaganda Outlet - ITIC

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