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October 7, 2008

1. Reports of Saudi hosted talks between Afghan government and Taliban. Officials deny any 'peace talks' - report that attendees were invited for Iftar rather than negotiations.

2. Pakistan announces intent to deport all Afghan refugees from Bajour region. AP reports government "alleging many of them have links to militant groups."

3. China cancels visits and postpones contracts in protest of Pentagon go-ahead on Taiwan arms sale.

4. Israeli Prime Minister Olmert meets with Russian President Medvedev in Moscow. Expected to discuss Russian arms sales to Iran and Syria, as well as trafficking to Lebanon.

Saudis reportedly host talks with Taliban, Afghan gov - USAToday
Saudi meeting of Afghans 'was not peace talks' - Scotsman
US defense chief rejects defeatism in Afghanistan - AFP

U.S. to lure Belarus out of Russia's shadow - Washington Times

China cancels visit over U.S. arms sales to Taiwan - LA Times
China Cancels, Postpones Military Contacts with US Over Taiwan Arms Sale Approval - VOA

Toll of violence in Assam rises - BBC

Islamic Group Gains Power in Indonesia - NYTimes

Iran, Egypt normalizing relations says FM official - Tehran Times

Iraqis Unite to Restore Minority Representation Law - NYTimes

Israel's Olmert brings security concerns to Russia - AP

US, North Korea seek compromise in nuclear deadlock - AP

Pakistan to deport all Afghans from tribal region - AP
Pakistan leader's India comments irk establishment - AFP
20 in Pakistan Die in Bombing - WaPo
Pakistan Debt Protection Cost Soars as Reserves Fall - WSJ

Mortar rounds hit market in Somalia, 17 killed - AP

Nigerian peacekeeper killed in ambush in Darfur - Reuters

Police, Protesters Clash Outside Thai Parliament - WSJ

Turkey hits PKK targets in Iraq on Tuesday - IHT

Dangerous move for NORAD? Closing Cheyenne Mountain Risk Security - Washington Times

Zimbabwe's MDC Wants International Help to End Talks Impasse - Bloomberg

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