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October 6, 2008

1. British general rotating out creates firestorm saying Afghanistan war "can't be won," adding to existing calls within Britain and Canada to open talks with Taliban and/or withdraw forces.

2. Suspected US missile strike in Pakistan likely killed senior leader based on Taliban reaction in the area.

3. A secret 2005 Spanish defense ministry report states that Pakistani military intelligence (ISI) and al-Qaeda aided the Taliban in Afghan assassination plots.

4. French FM says Israel is preparing a military solution to prevent a nuclear Iran. Is urging Israel to use sanctions approach.

Al-Qaeda Boasts Financial Crisis Is Proof of U.S. Defeat - FOX News
Ghadan Lives: Resurfaces in New Tape - ABC

We can't defeat Taliban, says Brigadier Mark Carleton-Smith - Times Online
Analysis: the chances of victory in Afghanistan - Telegraph
Plays In Pakistan: British commander rules out victory in Afghanistan - DAWN
Plays In Pakistan: Afghan war can’t be won: Britain - Daily Times
US for joint border patrols - Nation (Pakistan)
In Poverty and Strife, Women Test Limits - NY Times
Facebook popularity rubbing off in Afghanistan - CTV
Bus passengers defy Taliban on road to renewal - Washington Times

Russian Forces Begin to Shut Georgia Checkpoints - NY Times

Uighur Detainees May Be Released to U.S. - Washington Post

Israel expected to bomb Iran, French foreign minister says - Telegraph
Iran urges Pakistan to help free kidnapped police - International Herald Tribune

U.S. military says al Qaeda in Iraq mastermind dead - CNN
Alleged top al-Qaeda figure Abu Rami killed in shoot out - Times Online
Retaliatory Turkish Airstrikes Target Kurdish Rebels in Iraq - Washington Post
Bomber Strikes During Raid in Iraq - Washington Post
Egypt's top diplomat in Iraq - News24

Israel tries to dissuade Russia from selling weapons system to Iran - Xinhua

Kazakhstan Seeks to Balance East and West - NY Times

Spain: Confidential report says Pakistan intelligence agency aided Taliban - AKI
Senior Taliban militant said to have been killed - Washington Times
Suspected US missile strike kills 20 in Pakistan - AP
Taliban 'angry' at missile strike - Channel 4 News
Pakistan's fresh resolve: Army Mandate to Win in Bajaur - CS Monitor
Crackdown on militants by tribal volunteers - DAWN
Zardari expects world to come up with $100bn - DAWN
Pakistan Insists No Deal Made With U.S. on Air Strikes - FOX News

Syria: Al-Qaeda mastermind said to be captured - Los Angeles Times

Russia's warships head for exercise with Venezuelan navy - Times Online
IIran, Venezuela sign multi-billion-dollar deals - Press TV (Iran)
Chavez's Cheap Oil Gives Him Sway Over U.S. Allies, Aid Funds - Bloomberg
Student opposition leader gunned down in Venezuela - AP

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