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October 3, 2008

1. As two bombs exploded killing over 2 dozen Shi'a in Baghdad, some reports overstate greater significance in headlines like "Attacks Belie Steps on Reconciliation." Bad actors clearly remain, but divisive effect among Iraqi general public does not approach reactions of broad retaliatory attacks against sects.

2. Iran continues to employ double speak, with one representative stating that Iran's pursuit of full enrichment is non-negotiable while another states that the process can be exchanged for guaranteed nuclear fuel supplies. IAEA says Iran not in compliance or disclosure.

3. US technology is said employed in discovering and disrupting Hamas' underground tunnel smuggling operations beneath the Gaza-Egypt border.

4. Syria says recent attacks have caused border buildup near Lebanon. Hizballah reportedly ordered all forces out of Syria and banned travel there.

Karzai seeks Saudi help for talks with Mullah Omar - Daily Times

American Technology Stopping Hamas Tunnel Smuggling? - Ynetnews

Putin claims Ukraine aid in Georgia - Washington Times

Two Iranian Faces: Iran out to stay nuclear course - Chicago Tribune
Two Iranian Faces: Iran ties enrichment halt to fuel import guarantee - Reuters

Oliver North: What the Media Isn't Reporting - Human Events
Suicide bombers kill 24 during 2 Baghdad Shi'ite services - Washington Times
Overstatement Alert: Attacks Belie Steps on Reconciliation - Washington Post
As Bombs Fall Silent in Samarra, an Iraqi City Rebuilds - NY Times

IDF: 'If we leave the West Bank, it's a big risk' - Haaretz

North Korea, Myanmar Cozy Up on Nuclear Technology - Asia Times

US to boost Pakistan’s anti-terror capability - DAWN
‘No Eid prayers in open places’ - DAWN
Suicide attack blamed on 'foreign elements' - AKI
Confronting Taliban, Pakistan Finds Itself at War - NY Times

Opposition Party to Disband, Ally With Kremlin - Washington Post

Islamists Establish Sharia Law in Southern Somalia Town - Moneybiz

Japan to send troops to UN in Sudan - Reuters

Syria rejects opening military sites to atom probe - Reuters
Syrian Army on heightened alert amid fears of fresh attacks - AKI
Hizballah orders members out of Syria - Jerusalem Post
No Consensus on Bombing - IWPR

U.S. to build new, more secure embassy in London - Washington Times

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