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September 29, 2008

1. US Embassy in Belgium evacuated after bomb threat.

2. Bombing in Syrian capital kills 17 Saturday, blamed on "Muslim extremists" by Syrians. Today, a bomb in Tripoli, Lebanon targeted Lebanese Army troops and killed 5. Lebanese nervous that Syria, massing troops on border, may intervene militarily.

3. Gunfight in Sudanese desert reportedly results in the release of 19 hostages taken by al-Qaeda.

4. A sign of Russian control and corruption, election in Belarus discredited and questioned as no seats at all were won by opposition party candidates. Opposition urges West to not recognize elections.

Bin Laden's Son Makes Return to Pakistan From Iran - New York Sun
Al-Qaeda satellite cell smashed by Pakistan in Karachi raid - AKI
Is al-Qaeda winning? - BBC

Revisionists Rehabilitate Appeasement As Alternative - The Corner

Belarus opposition makes zero gains in poll - Financial Times
Belarus elections labeled corrupt as Lukashenko backers win all seats - The Guardian
Opposition: EU, US mustn't recognize Belarus vote - AP

US embassy in Brussels evacuated after bomb threat - Jerusalem Post

Bomb Explosion In New Delhi Kills 1, Injures 18 - Washington Post
US House approves nuclear deal with India - DAWN

Russia and U.S. agree to press Iran, but without sanctions - International Herald Tribune
Iran's Nefarious Plans for the Gulf - Middle East Times

U.S. says Iran is meddling in Iraq security talks - Washington Times
Holiday bombings kill 27 in Baghdad - International Herald Tribune
Iraqi Christians Protest End To Quotas, Say End Of Minority Representation In Parliament Will Force Them From Country - CBS

Explosion Targets Lebanese Army Bus in Tripoli - VOA

Taliban Conscripting Sons In Pakistan, Sign of Difficulty - ThreatsWatch
Taliban show no let up despite 8,000 soldiers in FATA - Daily Times
Pakistani tribes fight back against Taliban - The Guardian
Tribesmen extending full support to Pakistani Army: COAS - GEO.tv
Zardari Says Pakistan welcomes US 'blessing' - BBC
Zardari denies firing incidents at border - DAWN
Pakistan's New Leader Says 'Axis of Evil Is Growing' - Washington Post
The Long Road to Chaos in Pakistan - NY Times

To Smother Chechen Insurgency, A Campaign of House Burning - NY Times

Sudan desert gunfight kills 6 accused in abduction - AP
Egypt: Kidnapped 19-member European tour released - AP

Car Bomb at Shi'a Shrine in Damascus Kills 17 - Washington Post
Syria says Suicide Attacker Behind Weekend Bombing - Asharq Alawsat

London arson may be linked to book about Muhammad - International Herald Tribune

Al-Qaeda could launch fresh attacks despite better security - AKI
Border Chief: No Evidence of Iranian Sleeper Cells in U.S. - CQ Politics | Spy Talk

Tsvangirai warns of humanitarian catastrophe - Deutsche Welle

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