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September 26, 2008

1. Russia's Vladimir Putin has agreed to provide weapons and nuclear technology to Hugo Chavez and Venezuela as well as embark on a joint oil development venture between the two as ties deepen.

2. China's Sinopec Oil has bought Syria's Tanganyika Oil for $2 billion and should begin developing fields in Syria soon. Meanwhile, Venezuela has agreed to boost oil exports to China by 25%.

3. While the Pakistani investigation into the Marriott bombing continues, the United Nations may soon pull its people out of Pakistan.

4. Two suspected Somali terrorists were arrested by German police after boarding a flight to Amsterdam. In their apartment were found notes indicating the pair wanted to die for the "jihad."

Al-Qaeda's opportunity to hurt the US - Asia Times

Car Bomb Strikes Abkhaz Capital - NY Times
A Conversation with President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili - SWJ

Two Somali terrorist suspects arrested after boarding KLM flight - AP

Indian PM Meets Bush as Congress Weighs Nuke Deal - ABC
Attacks on Christians by Hindus focus of protest during US visit - Washington Times

Russia forces West to go it alone against Iran nuclear programme - Telegraph
Timeline (Basic): Iran nuclear standoff - Guardian
CodePink Activists Talk Love, Not War, With Iranian President - FOX News

Iraq launches major offensive against Qaeda - Alsumaria Iraqi TV Network
How to Understand Reports of Infighting Within the Iraqi Awakening Movement - FDD
More Political Progress in Iraq - Commentary Magazine

Proposed U.S. Ambassador to Libya Sent Packing, Awaiting Qaddafi Cash - CQ Politics | SpyTalk

Generals still rule Myanmar with firm grip - International Herald Tribune
Cyber Warfare in Myanmar: The Saffron Uprising - IntelFusion

Marriott Tragedy: No Illusions! - The News (Pak)
Brigade 313: Al-Qaeda, HUJI, LJ nexus suspected in Marriott attack - The News (Pak)
Is Fidayeen-e-Islam claim for responsibility a cover up? - The News (Pak)
Pakistan says 5 top militants among 1,000 dead - AFP
U.S., Pakistan troops exchange fire on Afghanistan border - Los Angeles Times
Pakistan, US blow hot and cold over flare-up - DAWN
Context: Shots And Salt: Measured in Grains - ThreatsWatch
United Nations May Remove Staff From Pakistan - Sky News
Govt won’t enforce ‘true’ Shariah in Malakand - The Post (Pak)

Islamist Insurgents take upper hand in Somalia - Garowe Online

Mystery assassination of IAEA-Syria 'interlocutor' stalls nuclear probe - Los Angeles Times
China's Sinopec to acquire Syrian Tanganyika Oil for $2 billion - Canadian Press

Al-Qaeda man suspected of 1998 US embassy bombings thought hiding in Tanzania - ThisDay

Anthrax Suspect Wrote to Himself About Mailings - NTI
How Safe is our Nuclear Cyber Network? - IntelFusion

Russia Offers Venezuela's Chavez Weapons, Nuclear Cooperation - Bloomberg
Venezuela, Russia join forces on oil ventures - The Australian
Chinese military planes for Venezuela - Press TV (Iran)
Venezuela to Boost Crude Oil Exports to China by 25% - Bloomberg

Three blasts rattle police stations in southern Yemen - M&C
Yemen sets free journalist jailed for supporting Yemeni Shi'a - BBC

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