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September 25, 2008

1. Pakistani airports have been put on high alert following a bomb threat. Earlier this week British Airways suspended flight operations into Pakistan indefinitely.

2. While Pakistani PM Gilani insists that violations of Pakistan's sovereignty will not be tolerated, US Secretary of Defense Gates asserted that the United States has the right to strike al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists safely holed up inside Pakistan's borders.

3. Georgia says it has shot down a Russian drone while Russia denies it.

4. Two were arrested in Venezuela on allegations that they were involved in an assassination plot against Hugo Chavez.

Terrorist contact book hid information on al-Qaeda leaders in invisible ink, trial told - Times Online

Georgia says it has shot down a Russian drone; Moscow issues a denial - International Herald Tribune

At Assembly, Fretting Over Russia's Rejection of Iran Sanctions - New York Sun

Iraq approves provincial elections law - Washington Times
Our Generals Almost Cost Us Iraq - WSJ
EU Ready to Take up to 10,000 More Iraqi Refugees - ABC

U.N. nuke inspectors blocked in N. Korea - Washington Times
U.S Shrugs At N. Korea Nuclear Move - New York Sun

Airports on high alert after bomb threat - Adnkronos international (AKI)
Previously: British Airways suspends operations to Islamabad indefinitely - India Aviation
Security agencies asked to get their act together: Cabinet expresses concern over intelligence failure - DAWN
US has right to hit targets inside Pakistan: US SecDef Gates - Daily Times
Pakistan will not tolerate violation of sovereignty: Pak PM Gilani - Daily Times
Pakistan: Bajaur residents flee fighting, cross into Afghanistan - AKI

Venezuela Arrests 2 in Alleged Assassination Plot - New York Sun

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