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September 24, 2008

1. Syria masses 10,000 troops on Lebanese border, causing nervousness in Lebanon over potential return of Syrian military presence.

2. The al-Qaeda-affiliated Fidayeen-e-Islam has threatened fresh attacks inside Pakistan as a US drone is reported to ahve crashed in the border region. In Bajaur, region of recent Pakistani military operations against AQ and Taliban, a tribal jirga has set up a militia to fight back against Taliban.

3. As Ahmadinejad delivers UN address noting the imminent fall of the US, Russia is running interference for its nuclear program, boycotting - and causing the cancellation of - a top level planned meeting on the situation. At least partly gamesmanship over US stance on Georgia.

4. Yemeni police have arrested members of a terrorist cell said to be connected to the recent US embassy bombing is Sana'a.

5. North Korea has just kicked out UN inspectors from its main nuclear reactor today, and plans to reactivate the plutonium plant when fuel is provided.

Russia boycotts key U.N. meeting on Iran - CNN
Russia Won’t Meet With U.S. on Iranian Nuclear Program - NY Times
Top talks on Iran's nuclear program are called off - AFP

Gates: More troops could be ready to go to Afghanistan in the spring - KC Star

Argentina asks Iran to hand over suspects in 1994 Jewish Center bombing - Reuters

Egypt destroys tunnel under border with Gaza - Los Angeles Times
Kidnappers exploited security weak spot in Egypt - Reuters

Terrorism's impact grows as Indian election nears - International Herald Tribune

Pakistan and Iran make significant progress on gas pipeline - Daily Times
At U.N., Protesters Target Iran On Rights - Washington Post
Iranian president lashes out at U.S., Israel - CNS
Iran's Ahmadinejad Denounces 'Bullying Powers' in UN Address - VOA
Iran ...And a Fourth War - Dar Al Hayat

'We will not abandon' sons of Iraq - Star Tribune
$13 Billion in Iraq Aid Wasted Or Stolen, Ex-Investigator Says - Washington Post
Iraqi Trade Officials Ousted in Corruption Sweep - NY Times

NoKor kicks out U.N. inspectors from reactor - Washington Times

US offers Pakistan help to protect its sovereignty - Daily Times
US drone crashes in Waziristan - DAWN
Pakistan finds 'U.S. drone wreckage' - CNN
Al-Qaeda linked militants threaten new attacks - AKI
Bajaur residents want Taliban eliminated - Daily Times
Pakistani air strikes on militant tunnels kill 20: officials - AFP
Editorial: Countering Al Qaeda’s ideology - Daily Times
Militants Shake Off Pakistan's Grip, Gain Influence Within Gov't - Asia Times

Somali Gunmen Abduct Two Foreign Aid Workers - NY Times

Lebanese fears rise as Syria masses troops on border - Financial Times
Concern in Lebanon After Syria Bolsters Border Force - Washington Post

Police arrest cell in connection with US embassy attack - Yemen Observer

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