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September 23, 2008

1. Pakistani president Zardari reportedly had planned post-address dinner at Marriott but changed venue to PM's residence hours before the blast. Marriott management denies reservation was made. PPP leadership appears intended target for the attack.

2. UN extends NATO mission in Afghanistan as 140 laborers reported abducted by Taliban in Afghanistan and Afghan diplomat kidnapped in Peshawar, Pakistan.

3. Massive anti-Iran protest took place in New York ahead of Ahmadinejad's UN address there. IAEA says Iran has not disclosed full info on nuke program while Ahmadinejad maintains IAEA will exonerate Iranian program as peaceful.

4. Israeli PM Olmert has handed in resignation letter amid corruption charges. Now heads interim government as Tzipi Livni continues run for the job.

5. Palestinian rams car into crowd of IDF soldiers in Jerusalem, injuring 15 soldiers and 4 civilians. Palestinian woman blinds an IDF soldier by throwing acid in his face in the West Bank town of Nablus.

Holy Land Foundation of Richardson fears al-Qaeda tie in retrial - Dallas Morning News

Afghanistan proposes joint force for Pakistan border - UK Guardian
UN Extends NATO-led Afghan Force - AP
Taliban kidnap over 140 Afghan laborers: governor - Washington Post

US Deserter Wins Temporary Stay of Deportation in Canada - AP

Egypt team in Sudan to help secure tourists' release - AFP
Egypt: hostages pinpointed in border region - Deutsche Welle

French Justice Minister: 'Fight terrorists, don't talk to them' - Jerusalem Post

Land of Gandhi Asserts Itself as Global Military Power - NY Times
India, Russia to Discuss Stalled Programs - Defense News
India, Pakistan agree to Kashmir border trade route - The Frontier Post

Anti-Iran Rally Urges the Defeat of an 'Evil Empire' - New York Sun
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Triumph - WSJ
Iran hasn't answered questions on nuclear program, arms control chief says - Los Angeles Times

Iraq's Samarra offers way out for suspected insurgents - Reuters
US raid on al-Qaeda targets in north Iraq kills seven - Financial Times
Al-Qaeda in Iraqi forced underground - CS Monitor
Friction Infiltrates Sunni Patrols on Safer Iraqi Streets - NY Times
German Agents Maintained Contacts with Saddam's Secret Service During Iraq War - World Politics Review

Olmert hands in his official resignation - Jerusalem Post
Jerusalem attack: Palestinian rams car into crowd of IDF soldiers as Livni seeks govt - Reuters
IDF soldier blinded in one eye after Palestinian woman throws acid in his face - Haaretz

US aims to boost aid to Jordan - AP

North Korea closer to restarting nuclear program - International Herald Tribune

Pak claims Zawahiri aide arrested in connection with Saturdays hotel attack - Thaindian News
Pakistani spies hear al-Qaeda celebrating blast - Reuters
Pakistan's leaders the target of Marriott bomb attack - AKI
Pakistani leaders 'should have been at bombed hotel' - UK Times Online
Marriott says no official dinner planned on bombing day - Daily Times
Harkatul Jehadul Islami (HuJI) hand seen in hotel attack - DNA
HUJI chief still at large - The News (Pak)
In Pakistan, A Call To Action - Hartford Courant
60 die in attacks on Qaeda strongholds in Pakistan - International Herald Tribune
Pakistan official says 10 alleged militants killed near Bajur - Washington Post
Battle of Bajur: A Critical Test for Pakistan’s Daunted Military - NY Times
Zardari to U.S.: Let Pakistan go after terrorists - MSNBC
Pakistan troops 'repel US raid' - BBC
Afghan Diplomat Is Abducted in Peshawar and His Driver Shot - NY Times

Russian Warships Depart for Venezuela Maneuvers - Defense News
Russia drone shot down, Georgia says - Australian Broadcasting
U.S., Russia Cooperate on Key Issues Amid Tensions - WSJ.com
NATO says may boost defence planning, amid chill with Russia - Defense News
Russia, China Lead Emerging Market Decline, Ending Record Rally - Bloomberg

Troubled Situation in Critical Yemen - Middle East Times

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