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September 19, 2008

1. Despite public protestations and threats from Pakistani military leaders, US drone flights continue over al-Qaeda havens inside Pakistan. A strike earlier this week reportedly killed an al-Qaeda leader and another 'Arab' in South Waziristan.

2. The Pakistani Taliban (TTP) are reported to have claimed responsibility for the Barcelona plot broken up earlier this year, another indication of the continued ideological and strategic merge between Pakistani Taliban and Arab al-Qaeda.

3. The issue of immunity for US troops in the Iraq combat zone is a primary stumbling block stalling a force agreement between the US and Iraq moving beyond the December expiration of the UN mandate.

4. A recent international Pew poll indicates Muslim support for bin Laden and the tactic of suicide bombings has decreased over recent years, dramatically so in some areas.

Facebook reflects struggle over Islam's role - Los Angeles Times
Muslim support for suicide attacks, bin Laden down: poll - AFP

Afghan governor killed in firefight: Australia - Reuters

Iran Arming the Taliban - BBC
Ahmadinejad Hones Hate Message in General Assembly Lead-up- New York Sun
Iran’s President Denies Hostility to Israelis - NY Times

After Standoff With Terrorist, US Calls Airstrike - AFP
Agreement With Iraq Over Troops Is at Risk: Immunity Disagreement - NY Times
Report: Hizballah's Role in Attacks Against U.S. and British Forces in Iraq - JCPA

Mauritania hunts Al-Qaeda militants - CS Monitor

Regime Preparing To Restart Nuke Facility - New York Sun

Taliban claims responsibility for foiled terror plan in Barcelona - DAWN
Al-Qaeda commander killed in US strike - The News (Pak)
U.S. military advisors may soon head to Pakistan - Los Angeles Times
Pakistan's Terror History: Pakistan is the problem - Slate Magazine
Pakistan's Terror History: Islamabad rides a terror tiger - Asia Times

Rice Says Russia Has Taken a 'Dark Turn' - Washington Post

Nation's Spies Still Don't Know How to Share - Wired.com
U.S. approves $1.7 billion spy satellite project - International Herald Tribune

Report accuses Chavez of abusing human rights to tighten hold on Venezuela - International Herald Tribune

Embassy Attack in Yemen a 'Wake-Up Call' - New York Sun
U.S. teen killed in Yemen attack has a cousin tied to Al-Qaeda - Los Angeles Times
Al-Qaeda resurgence threatens Yemen - Financial Times
Did Yemen Attackers Come Back From Iraq? - Newsweek

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