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September 18, 2008

1. US Embassy bombing in Yemen believed the work of al-Qaeda, 25 arrested thus far in connection amid warnings of more attacks.

2. Defense Secretary Gates says Afghanistan strategy is now under review as General Petraeus takes CENTCOM command.

3. Sixteen companies and individuals named in US federal indictment over dual-use parts purchases sent to Iran for making IED's. Six Iranians living abroad among the charged.

4. Russia's President Medvedev again assures Russian military defense of South Ossetia and Abkhazia in Georgia, while Ukraine pushes for NATO membership.

Poll Finds Rising Antipathy Toward Jews and Muslims in Europe - NY Times

Russia threatens to seize swathe of Arctic - Telegraph

Gates: Afghan strategy under review - Washington Times

U.S. Treasury freezes assets of Quds Force member, 6 others - UPI
Material Was Sent To Iran for Bombs, Indictment Alleges - Washington Post
Ahmadinejad: Israel perpetrating holocaust on the Palestinians - Jerusalem Post
Iran aims to surpass Saudi oil refining by 2012 - Jerusalem Post

Slim Victory for Livni In Israeli Primary Vote - New York Sun
Opinion: While Not a Crook, Mrs. Clean is a Fraud - Caroline Glick

Jordan's Outreach to Hamas: The Politics of Distress - JCPA

Militant attacks cutting oil production - AP

U.S. Strike Reported as Mullen Consults Pakistanis - Washington Post
Pakistani troops move into Swat area vacated by Taliban - DAWN
A Zardari Demand for Civilian ISI Control Will Push Kiyani Too Far - Pakistan Policy Blog

Medvedev Promises Georgia Enclaves Russian Protection - NY Times
Yushchenko advocates NATO as balance - Washington Times
Russian gunboat diplomacy in Crimea? - BBC
Venezuelan Defense Minister: Russia Ties Help Venezuela Against U.S. - Defense News
Big players elbow on U.N. Security Council - CS Monitor

Russia Eying Naval Base in Syria - Washington Times

Terrorist threat on airlines in Somalia - International Herald Tribune

Attack Against U.S. Embassy In Yemen Blamed on Al-Qaeda - Washington Post
25 arrested over U.S. embassy attack - Washington Times
Bin Laden's Organization Regroups at Yemen - New York Sun
Terrorists Warn of More Embassy Attacks in Yemen - Media Line

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