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September 5, 2008

1. Following US SpecOps strike into Pakistan, Pakistani parliament unanimously demands that the government and its military “repel such attacks in the future with full force.”

2. Publication of a Taliban fighter wearing French uniform with French weapon sparks fears and anger among French. Sarkozy says Afghanistan mission will not be abandoned.

3. Israel's counterterrorism bureau has warned Israeli Jews not to travel to Egypt's Sinai desert or southern Thailand due intelligence on Hizballah's plans to kidnap Israelis abroad.

Taliban In French Uniforms, French Weapons Sparks Alarm, Anger - EL PAÍS
Sarkozy against abandoning Afghanistan - DAWN

Israelis warned not to travel to Sinai, Thailand due to Hizballah kidnapping plans - Jerusalem Post

Modest US force cuts proposed for Iraq: defense official - AFP

'Commandos nearly exposed in Syria' Taking Soil Samples Ahead of Nuke Plant Attack - Jerusalem Post
Nasrallah: Freeing Shaba won`t stop struggle against Israel - Haaretz

U.S. ground forces hit al-Qaeda targets - Washington Times
Outraged parliament wants US border raids repelled 'in the future with full force' - DAWN
Four militants killed in Waziristan missile strike - Daily Times
Zardari the ‘Expert’: Money, Shady Governance Still Major Issues - Pakistan Policy Blog
Zardari says he will work with US, defeat Taliban - Daily Times

Israel Warns France on Talks With Syria - New York Sun
Syria Says Israeli Peace Talks Postponed - NY Times

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