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September 29, 2008

1. US Embassy in Belgium evacuated after bomb threat.

2. Bombing in Syrian capital kills 17 Saturday, blamed on "Muslim extremists" by Syrians. Today, a bomb in Tripoli, Lebanon targeted Lebanese Army troops and killed 5. Lebanese nervous that Syria, massing troops on border, may intervene militarily.

3. Gunfight in Sudanese desert reportedly results in the release of 19 hostages taken by al-Qaeda.

4. A sign of Russian control and corruption, election in Belarus discredited and questioned as no seats at all were won by opposition party candidates. Opposition urges West to not recognize elections.

Bin Laden's Son Makes Return to Pakistan From Iran - New York Sun
Al-Qaeda satellite cell smashed by Pakistan in Karachi raid - AKI
Is al-Qaeda winning? - BBC

Revisionists Rehabilitate Appeasement As Alternative - The Corner

Belarus opposition makes zero gains in poll - Financial Times
Belarus elections labeled corrupt as Lukashenko backers win all seats - The Guardian
Opposition: EU, US mustn't recognize Belarus vote - AP

US embassy in Brussels evacuated after bomb threat - Jerusalem Post

Bomb Explosion In New Delhi Kills 1, Injures 18 - Washington Post
US House approves nuclear deal with India - DAWN

Russia and U.S. agree to press Iran, but without sanctions - International Herald Tribune
Iran's Nefarious Plans for the Gulf - Middle East Times

U.S. says Iran is meddling in Iraq security talks - Washington Times
Holiday bombings kill 27 in Baghdad - International Herald Tribune
Iraqi Christians Protest End To Quotas, Say End Of Minority Representation In Parliament Will Force Them From Country - CBS

Explosion Targets Lebanese Army Bus in Tripoli - VOA

Taliban Conscripting Sons In Pakistan, Sign of Difficulty - ThreatsWatch
Taliban show no let up despite 8,000 soldiers in FATA - Daily Times
Pakistani tribes fight back against Taliban - The Guardian
Tribesmen extending full support to Pakistani Army: COAS - GEO.tv
Zardari Says Pakistan welcomes US 'blessing' - BBC
Zardari denies firing incidents at border - DAWN
Pakistan's New Leader Says 'Axis of Evil Is Growing' - Washington Post
The Long Road to Chaos in Pakistan - NY Times

To Smother Chechen Insurgency, A Campaign of House Burning - NY Times

Sudan desert gunfight kills 6 accused in abduction - AP
Egypt: Kidnapped 19-member European tour released - AP

Car Bomb at Shi'a Shrine in Damascus Kills 17 - Washington Post
Syria says Suicide Attacker Behind Weekend Bombing - Asharq Alawsat

London arson may be linked to book about Muhammad - International Herald Tribune

Al-Qaeda could launch fresh attacks despite better security - AKI
Border Chief: No Evidence of Iranian Sleeper Cells in U.S. - CQ Politics | Spy Talk

Tsvangirai warns of humanitarian catastrophe - Deutsche Welle

September 26, 2008

1. Russia's Vladimir Putin has agreed to provide weapons and nuclear technology to Hugo Chavez and Venezuela as well as embark on a joint oil development venture between the two as ties deepen.

2. China's Sinopec Oil has bought Syria's Tanganyika Oil for $2 billion and should begin developing fields in Syria soon. Meanwhile, Venezuela has agreed to boost oil exports to China by 25%.

3. While the Pakistani investigation into the Marriott bombing continues, the United Nations may soon pull its people out of Pakistan.

4. Two suspected Somali terrorists were arrested by German police after boarding a flight to Amsterdam. In their apartment were found notes indicating the pair wanted to die for the "jihad."

Al-Qaeda's opportunity to hurt the US - Asia Times

Car Bomb Strikes Abkhaz Capital - NY Times
A Conversation with President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili - SWJ

Two Somali terrorist suspects arrested after boarding KLM flight - AP

Indian PM Meets Bush as Congress Weighs Nuke Deal - ABC
Attacks on Christians by Hindus focus of protest during US visit - Washington Times

Russia forces West to go it alone against Iran nuclear programme - Telegraph
Timeline (Basic): Iran nuclear standoff - Guardian
CodePink Activists Talk Love, Not War, With Iranian President - FOX News

Iraq launches major offensive against Qaeda - Alsumaria Iraqi TV Network
How to Understand Reports of Infighting Within the Iraqi Awakening Movement - FDD
More Political Progress in Iraq - Commentary Magazine

Proposed U.S. Ambassador to Libya Sent Packing, Awaiting Qaddafi Cash - CQ Politics | SpyTalk

Generals still rule Myanmar with firm grip - International Herald Tribune
Cyber Warfare in Myanmar: The Saffron Uprising - IntelFusion

Marriott Tragedy: No Illusions! - The News (Pak)
Brigade 313: Al-Qaeda, HUJI, LJ nexus suspected in Marriott attack - The News (Pak)
Is Fidayeen-e-Islam claim for responsibility a cover up? - The News (Pak)
Pakistan says 5 top militants among 1,000 dead - AFP
U.S., Pakistan troops exchange fire on Afghanistan border - Los Angeles Times
Pakistan, US blow hot and cold over flare-up - DAWN
Context: Shots And Salt: Measured in Grains - ThreatsWatch
United Nations May Remove Staff From Pakistan - Sky News
Govt won’t enforce ‘true’ Shariah in Malakand - The Post (Pak)

Islamist Insurgents take upper hand in Somalia - Garowe Online

Mystery assassination of IAEA-Syria 'interlocutor' stalls nuclear probe - Los Angeles Times
China's Sinopec to acquire Syrian Tanganyika Oil for $2 billion - Canadian Press

Al-Qaeda man suspected of 1998 US embassy bombings thought hiding in Tanzania - ThisDay

Anthrax Suspect Wrote to Himself About Mailings - NTI
How Safe is our Nuclear Cyber Network? - IntelFusion

Russia Offers Venezuela's Chavez Weapons, Nuclear Cooperation - Bloomberg
Venezuela, Russia join forces on oil ventures - The Australian
Chinese military planes for Venezuela - Press TV (Iran)
Venezuela to Boost Crude Oil Exports to China by 25% - Bloomberg

Three blasts rattle police stations in southern Yemen - M&C
Yemen sets free journalist jailed for supporting Yemeni Shi'a - BBC

September 25, 2008

1. Pakistani airports have been put on high alert following a bomb threat. Earlier this week British Airways suspended flight operations into Pakistan indefinitely.

2. While Pakistani PM Gilani insists that violations of Pakistan's sovereignty will not be tolerated, US Secretary of Defense Gates asserted that the United States has the right to strike al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists safely holed up inside Pakistan's borders.

3. Georgia says it has shot down a Russian drone while Russia denies it.

4. Two were arrested in Venezuela on allegations that they were involved in an assassination plot against Hugo Chavez.

Terrorist contact book hid information on al-Qaeda leaders in invisible ink, trial told - Times Online

Georgia says it has shot down a Russian drone; Moscow issues a denial - International Herald Tribune

At Assembly, Fretting Over Russia's Rejection of Iran Sanctions - New York Sun

Iraq approves provincial elections law - Washington Times
Our Generals Almost Cost Us Iraq - WSJ
EU Ready to Take up to 10,000 More Iraqi Refugees - ABC

U.N. nuke inspectors blocked in N. Korea - Washington Times
U.S Shrugs At N. Korea Nuclear Move - New York Sun

Airports on high alert after bomb threat - Adnkronos international (AKI)
Previously: British Airways suspends operations to Islamabad indefinitely - India Aviation
Security agencies asked to get their act together: Cabinet expresses concern over intelligence failure - DAWN
US has right to hit targets inside Pakistan: US SecDef Gates - Daily Times
Pakistan will not tolerate violation of sovereignty: Pak PM Gilani - Daily Times
Pakistan: Bajaur residents flee fighting, cross into Afghanistan - AKI

Venezuela Arrests 2 in Alleged Assassination Plot - New York Sun

September 24, 2008

1. Syria masses 10,000 troops on Lebanese border, causing nervousness in Lebanon over potential return of Syrian military presence.

2. The al-Qaeda-affiliated Fidayeen-e-Islam has threatened fresh attacks inside Pakistan as a US drone is reported to ahve crashed in the border region. In Bajaur, region of recent Pakistani military operations against AQ and Taliban, a tribal jirga has set up a militia to fight back against Taliban.

3. As Ahmadinejad delivers UN address noting the imminent fall of the US, Russia is running interference for its nuclear program, boycotting - and causing the cancellation of - a top level planned meeting on the situation. At least partly gamesmanship over US stance on Georgia.

4. Yemeni police have arrested members of a terrorist cell said to be connected to the recent US embassy bombing is Sana'a.

5. North Korea has just kicked out UN inspectors from its main nuclear reactor today, and plans to reactivate the plutonium plant when fuel is provided.

Russia boycotts key U.N. meeting on Iran - CNN
Russia Won’t Meet With U.S. on Iranian Nuclear Program - NY Times
Top talks on Iran's nuclear program are called off - AFP

Gates: More troops could be ready to go to Afghanistan in the spring - KC Star

Argentina asks Iran to hand over suspects in 1994 Jewish Center bombing - Reuters

Egypt destroys tunnel under border with Gaza - Los Angeles Times
Kidnappers exploited security weak spot in Egypt - Reuters

Terrorism's impact grows as Indian election nears - International Herald Tribune

Pakistan and Iran make significant progress on gas pipeline - Daily Times
At U.N., Protesters Target Iran On Rights - Washington Post
Iranian president lashes out at U.S., Israel - CNS
Iran's Ahmadinejad Denounces 'Bullying Powers' in UN Address - VOA
Iran ...And a Fourth War - Dar Al Hayat

'We will not abandon' sons of Iraq - Star Tribune
$13 Billion in Iraq Aid Wasted Or Stolen, Ex-Investigator Says - Washington Post
Iraqi Trade Officials Ousted in Corruption Sweep - NY Times

NoKor kicks out U.N. inspectors from reactor - Washington Times

US offers Pakistan help to protect its sovereignty - Daily Times
US drone crashes in Waziristan - DAWN
Pakistan finds 'U.S. drone wreckage' - CNN
Al-Qaeda linked militants threaten new attacks - AKI
Bajaur residents want Taliban eliminated - Daily Times
Pakistani air strikes on militant tunnels kill 20: officials - AFP
Editorial: Countering Al Qaeda’s ideology - Daily Times
Militants Shake Off Pakistan's Grip, Gain Influence Within Gov't - Asia Times

Somali Gunmen Abduct Two Foreign Aid Workers - NY Times

Lebanese fears rise as Syria masses troops on border - Financial Times
Concern in Lebanon After Syria Bolsters Border Force - Washington Post

Police arrest cell in connection with US embassy attack - Yemen Observer

September 23, 2008

1. Pakistani president Zardari reportedly had planned post-address dinner at Marriott but changed venue to PM's residence hours before the blast. Marriott management denies reservation was made. PPP leadership appears intended target for the attack.

2. UN extends NATO mission in Afghanistan as 140 laborers reported abducted by Taliban in Afghanistan and Afghan diplomat kidnapped in Peshawar, Pakistan.

3. Massive anti-Iran protest took place in New York ahead of Ahmadinejad's UN address there. IAEA says Iran has not disclosed full info on nuke program while Ahmadinejad maintains IAEA will exonerate Iranian program as peaceful.

4. Israeli PM Olmert has handed in resignation letter amid corruption charges. Now heads interim government as Tzipi Livni continues run for the job.

5. Palestinian rams car into crowd of IDF soldiers in Jerusalem, injuring 15 soldiers and 4 civilians. Palestinian woman blinds an IDF soldier by throwing acid in his face in the West Bank town of Nablus.

Holy Land Foundation of Richardson fears al-Qaeda tie in retrial - Dallas Morning News

Afghanistan proposes joint force for Pakistan border - UK Guardian
UN Extends NATO-led Afghan Force - AP
Taliban kidnap over 140 Afghan laborers: governor - Washington Post

US Deserter Wins Temporary Stay of Deportation in Canada - AP

Egypt team in Sudan to help secure tourists' release - AFP
Egypt: hostages pinpointed in border region - Deutsche Welle

French Justice Minister: 'Fight terrorists, don't talk to them' - Jerusalem Post

Land of Gandhi Asserts Itself as Global Military Power - NY Times
India, Russia to Discuss Stalled Programs - Defense News
India, Pakistan agree to Kashmir border trade route - The Frontier Post

Anti-Iran Rally Urges the Defeat of an 'Evil Empire' - New York Sun
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Triumph - WSJ
Iran hasn't answered questions on nuclear program, arms control chief says - Los Angeles Times

Iraq's Samarra offers way out for suspected insurgents - Reuters
US raid on al-Qaeda targets in north Iraq kills seven - Financial Times
Al-Qaeda in Iraqi forced underground - CS Monitor
Friction Infiltrates Sunni Patrols on Safer Iraqi Streets - NY Times
German Agents Maintained Contacts with Saddam's Secret Service During Iraq War - World Politics Review

Olmert hands in his official resignation - Jerusalem Post
Jerusalem attack: Palestinian rams car into crowd of IDF soldiers as Livni seeks govt - Reuters
IDF soldier blinded in one eye after Palestinian woman throws acid in his face - Haaretz

US aims to boost aid to Jordan - AP

North Korea closer to restarting nuclear program - International Herald Tribune

Pak claims Zawahiri aide arrested in connection with Saturdays hotel attack - Thaindian News
Pakistani spies hear al-Qaeda celebrating blast - Reuters
Pakistan's leaders the target of Marriott bomb attack - AKI
Pakistani leaders 'should have been at bombed hotel' - UK Times Online
Marriott says no official dinner planned on bombing day - Daily Times
Harkatul Jehadul Islami (HuJI) hand seen in hotel attack - DNA
HUJI chief still at large - The News (Pak)
In Pakistan, A Call To Action - Hartford Courant
60 die in attacks on Qaeda strongholds in Pakistan - International Herald Tribune
Pakistan official says 10 alleged militants killed near Bajur - Washington Post
Battle of Bajur: A Critical Test for Pakistan’s Daunted Military - NY Times
Zardari to U.S.: Let Pakistan go after terrorists - MSNBC
Pakistan troops 'repel US raid' - BBC
Afghan Diplomat Is Abducted in Peshawar and His Driver Shot - NY Times

Russian Warships Depart for Venezuela Maneuvers - Defense News
Russia drone shot down, Georgia says - Australian Broadcasting
U.S., Russia Cooperate on Key Issues Amid Tensions - WSJ.com
NATO says may boost defence planning, amid chill with Russia - Defense News
Russia, China Lead Emerging Market Decline, Ending Record Rally - Bloomberg

Troubled Situation in Critical Yemen - Middle East Times

September 19, 2008

1. Despite public protestations and threats from Pakistani military leaders, US drone flights continue over al-Qaeda havens inside Pakistan. A strike earlier this week reportedly killed an al-Qaeda leader and another 'Arab' in South Waziristan.

2. The Pakistani Taliban (TTP) are reported to have claimed responsibility for the Barcelona plot broken up earlier this year, another indication of the continued ideological and strategic merge between Pakistani Taliban and Arab al-Qaeda.

3. The issue of immunity for US troops in the Iraq combat zone is a primary stumbling block stalling a force agreement between the US and Iraq moving beyond the December expiration of the UN mandate.

4. A recent international Pew poll indicates Muslim support for bin Laden and the tactic of suicide bombings has decreased over recent years, dramatically so in some areas.

Facebook reflects struggle over Islam's role - Los Angeles Times
Muslim support for suicide attacks, bin Laden down: poll - AFP

Afghan governor killed in firefight: Australia - Reuters

Iran Arming the Taliban - BBC
Ahmadinejad Hones Hate Message in General Assembly Lead-up- New York Sun
Iran’s President Denies Hostility to Israelis - NY Times

After Standoff With Terrorist, US Calls Airstrike - AFP
Agreement With Iraq Over Troops Is at Risk: Immunity Disagreement - NY Times
Report: Hizballah's Role in Attacks Against U.S. and British Forces in Iraq - JCPA

Mauritania hunts Al-Qaeda militants - CS Monitor

Regime Preparing To Restart Nuke Facility - New York Sun

Taliban claims responsibility for foiled terror plan in Barcelona - DAWN
Al-Qaeda commander killed in US strike - The News (Pak)
U.S. military advisors may soon head to Pakistan - Los Angeles Times
Pakistan's Terror History: Pakistan is the problem - Slate Magazine
Pakistan's Terror History: Islamabad rides a terror tiger - Asia Times

Rice Says Russia Has Taken a 'Dark Turn' - Washington Post

Nation's Spies Still Don't Know How to Share - Wired.com
U.S. approves $1.7 billion spy satellite project - International Herald Tribune

Report accuses Chavez of abusing human rights to tighten hold on Venezuela - International Herald Tribune

Embassy Attack in Yemen a 'Wake-Up Call' - New York Sun
U.S. teen killed in Yemen attack has a cousin tied to Al-Qaeda - Los Angeles Times
Al-Qaeda resurgence threatens Yemen - Financial Times
Did Yemen Attackers Come Back From Iraq? - Newsweek

September 18, 2008

1. US Embassy bombing in Yemen believed the work of al-Qaeda, 25 arrested thus far in connection amid warnings of more attacks.

2. Defense Secretary Gates says Afghanistan strategy is now under review as General Petraeus takes CENTCOM command.

3. Sixteen companies and individuals named in US federal indictment over dual-use parts purchases sent to Iran for making IED's. Six Iranians living abroad among the charged.

4. Russia's President Medvedev again assures Russian military defense of South Ossetia and Abkhazia in Georgia, while Ukraine pushes for NATO membership.

Poll Finds Rising Antipathy Toward Jews and Muslims in Europe - NY Times

Russia threatens to seize swathe of Arctic - Telegraph

Gates: Afghan strategy under review - Washington Times

U.S. Treasury freezes assets of Quds Force member, 6 others - UPI
Material Was Sent To Iran for Bombs, Indictment Alleges - Washington Post
Ahmadinejad: Israel perpetrating holocaust on the Palestinians - Jerusalem Post
Iran aims to surpass Saudi oil refining by 2012 - Jerusalem Post

Slim Victory for Livni In Israeli Primary Vote - New York Sun
Opinion: While Not a Crook, Mrs. Clean is a Fraud - Caroline Glick

Jordan's Outreach to Hamas: The Politics of Distress - JCPA

Militant attacks cutting oil production - AP

U.S. Strike Reported as Mullen Consults Pakistanis - Washington Post
Pakistani troops move into Swat area vacated by Taliban - DAWN
A Zardari Demand for Civilian ISI Control Will Push Kiyani Too Far - Pakistan Policy Blog

Medvedev Promises Georgia Enclaves Russian Protection - NY Times
Yushchenko advocates NATO as balance - Washington Times
Russian gunboat diplomacy in Crimea? - BBC
Venezuelan Defense Minister: Russia Ties Help Venezuela Against U.S. - Defense News
Big players elbow on U.N. Security Council - CS Monitor

Russia Eying Naval Base in Syria - Washington Times

Terrorist threat on airlines in Somalia - International Herald Tribune

Attack Against U.S. Embassy In Yemen Blamed on Al-Qaeda - Washington Post
25 arrested over U.S. embassy attack - Washington Times
Bin Laden's Organization Regroups at Yemen - New York Sun
Terrorists Warn of More Embassy Attacks in Yemen - Media Line

September 17, 2008

1. US embassy in Yemen attacked, latest reports indicate 16 killed, no American casualties. Car bomb detonated at gate, followed by minutes of gunfire and second explosion.

2. SecDef Gates is in Afghanistan while JCOS Chairman Mullen arrives in Pakistan. Pakistani army given orders to shoot Americans and US aircraft if another cross-border raid takes place.

3. General Petraeus transfers MNF-I command in Iraq to General Odierno, while Petraeus moves up to CENTCOM to oversee Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan theaters.

4. A grenade attack in Mexico has killed seven. Thrown into a Independence Day celebration crowd, suspected as part of the ongoing drug war there.

U.S. Embassy in Yemen Attacked - Washington Post
Bloodshed and dead bodies in front of the American embassy - Yemen Observer
16 Die in Attack on U.S. Embassy in Yemen - NY Times

Holy Land Foundation High-Stakes US Trial Begins Again In Dallas - New York Sun

Sec. Gates in Afghanistan as NATO Tries to Reduce Afghan Casualties - NY Times
Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Mullen in Pakistan on Unannounced Visit - DAWN

No Oil for Blood: Thanks to three American senators, China will be pumping Iraqi oil - Weekly Standard

Iran Ratchets Up Its Defiance of U.S. and U.N. - New York Sun
IAEA info suggests Iran worked on nuclear missile - AP

Petraeus transfers command in Iraq - Washington Times
The Woodward Way of War: On and Off Base In New Book - Weekly Standard

Israel Postpones New Round Of Syria Peace Talks - NY Times

Japan Ends Hunt for Submarine Intruder, China Denies Involvement - Defense News

7 killed in Mexico grenade attack, Drug war escalates - Washington Times
Related: The Crossover of Urban Gang Warfare and Terrorism - Small Wars Journal

North Korea Tests Engine of Long-Range Missile, Report Says - Washington Post

London warned of terror attacks after Pakistan raids - The Age
UK's PM Brown, Jack Straw Send Conflicting Messages on Supporting/Opposing US Pak Raids - Daily Times
Britain Breaks With U.S. Over Pakistan - New York Sun
US Halts Operations Into Pakistan: Al-Qaeda 1, US 0, Pakistan 0 - The Tank

Strike on Syria reactor a joint spy victory: CIA - Reuters

September 15, 2008

1. Tension between US and Pakistan government continues to be ratcheted by Nawaz Sharif and PML-N representatives. Meanwhile, the Taliban attacked, seized, and then withdrew from a government building in Peshawar, the NWFP capitol, in a show of capabilities.

2. The Obama campaign is coming under fire for potential violations of the Logan Act as Iraq's foreign minister is quoted as saying the candidate queried Iraqi officials about delaying withdrawal agreements until after a new US administration was in place.

3. Stating what observers have said for over four years, a new IAEA report says that Iran is stonewalling its nuclear weapons probe.

4. An Islamist 9/11 conference - "The September Attacks: Have You Learned the Lesson?" - was held in Britain as reports surface that the UK government has now given official legal authority to sharia courts.

5. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) kills one-third of a 35+ man Mauritanian military patrol in the desert African country.

Petraeus to apply Iraq wisdom to Afghanistan at CENTCOM - Washington Times

IAEA Report: Iran Stonewalling Nuclear Weapons Probe - New York Sun

OpEd: Obama Tried To Stall GI's Iraq Withdrawal - New York Post
Did Obama try to scotch an Iraqi-US agreement on military forces? - Hot Air
Iraq parliament lifts immunity of Sunni MP over Israel visit - Khaleej Times
Bomb attack kills dozens in Shia town north of Baghdad - International Herald Tribune

Al-Qaeda-linked group kills 12 Mauritanian soldiers: security source - AFP
Al-Qaeda and the US Agree on Mauritania - Middle East Times

Taliban briefly capture govt building in Peshawar - Daily Times
Taliban go on the attack in tribal Pakistan - CNN
Peshawar police buy weapons from open market to counter terrorists - Daily Times
Pakistan’s Dangerous Double Game - Newsweek
White House refuses to comment on rules of engagement - DAWN

UK Islamist 9/11 Conference: "The September Attacks: Have You Learned the Lesson?" - Asharq Alawsat
Revealed: UK’s first official sharia courts given legal authority - Times Online

September 12, 2008

1. Russia is expanding its influence in the West by enhancing ties with states such as Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia. The Russian naval fleet is set to visit Chavez's Venezuela, Bolivia and Venezuela have kicked out the US Ambassadors there, and Nicaragua was the first state to recognize South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent states.

2. A chasm is forming between the United States and Pakistan and future cooperation against al-Qaeda and the Taliban is in jeopardy as Pakistan's army head rebuked US strikes on enemy positions on the Pakistan side of the Afghan border. General Kiyani had been seen as a relatively friendly military leader with American ties.

3. Internal al-Qaeda documents from Iraq display the dire straits and greatly diminished terrorist capabilities and morale there.

4. Iran is reported in the UK press as having renewed its nuclear weapons development program.

Prosecutors seek retrial on liquid bomb charges - The Age
Trial shows Al-Qaeda is still gunning for West -- but failing - Los Angeles Times

Russian Fleet to Visit as Venezuela's Chavez says US ambassador must leave - AP
Bolivian president wants U.S. ambassador to leave - USA Today
Ortega, Nicaragua recognize South Ossetia, Abkhazia - AP
US eyes Russia in Latin America amid crisis over Georgia - AFP

France has arrested 55 militant Islamists this year - Reuters

Bali bombers call infamous militia leader to testify - The Age

Iran renews nuclear weapons development - Telegraph
Iranians scarred by Russian aggression - Washington Times

Letters from Al Qaeda leaders show Iraqi effort is in disarray - The Long War Journal
U.S.: Letters detail infighting over al-Qaeda's Iraq mission - CNN

North Korean Leader Said To Be Recovering After Surgery - New York Sun

Pakistan’s Military Chief Criticizes U.S. Over a Raid - New York Times
Pakistan Did Not Agree to New Rules, Officials Say - Washington Post
CIA launches offensive against al-Qaeda and Taliban in Pakistan - NY Daily News
Background And Context:
Behind The US Strategy: PrincipalAnalysis: The Clock Ticks For The President - ThreatsWatch
Behind The al-Qaeda Strategy: PrincipalAnalysis: Al-Qaeda's Progression On Pakistan's Demise - ThreatsWatch

Moscow eyes Afghanistan in fear - Asia Times

Zimbabwe's Mugabe agrees to share power with rival - Los Angeles Times

September 10, 2008

1. Russia will send a naval squadron and long-range patrol planes to Venezuela for joint military exercises later this year. The first two strategic bombers reportedly arrived today.

2. US responds to Russian plan to leave 7600 troops in Georgian territories of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, demands Russia quit Georgia.

3. Russia threatens to target US missile defense bases in Europe, in response to US agreement with Poland.

4. Russian Foreign Ministry reacts to US pulling out of nuclear pact. Decision said to be "erroneous and politicized."

5. South Korean intelligence sources report that North Korea's Kim Jong-il is recovering following a stroke.

Anti-Morales Protests Hit Bolivia - BBC

DPRK tyrant 'recovering' - BBC

Russia to send ships, planes to Venezuela - AP
Two Russian bombers land in Venezuela - AFP
Losing patience, US demands Russia quit Georgia - AP
Russia Warns it May Target US Missiles in Europe - VOA
Russia bristles at US scrapping nuclear deal - IHT

South Korean ship seized by pirates off Somalia - AFP

September 5, 2008

1. Following US SpecOps strike into Pakistan, Pakistani parliament unanimously demands that the government and its military “repel such attacks in the future with full force.”

2. Publication of a Taliban fighter wearing French uniform with French weapon sparks fears and anger among French. Sarkozy says Afghanistan mission will not be abandoned.

3. Israel's counterterrorism bureau has warned Israeli Jews not to travel to Egypt's Sinai desert or southern Thailand due intelligence on Hizballah's plans to kidnap Israelis abroad.

Taliban In French Uniforms, French Weapons Sparks Alarm, Anger - EL PAÍS
Sarkozy against abandoning Afghanistan - DAWN

Israelis warned not to travel to Sinai, Thailand due to Hizballah kidnapping plans - Jerusalem Post

Modest US force cuts proposed for Iraq: defense official - AFP

'Commandos nearly exposed in Syria' Taking Soil Samples Ahead of Nuke Plant Attack - Jerusalem Post
Nasrallah: Freeing Shaba won`t stop struggle against Israel - Haaretz

U.S. ground forces hit al-Qaeda targets - Washington Times
Outraged parliament wants US border raids repelled 'in the future with full force' - DAWN
Four militants killed in Waziristan missile strike - Daily Times
Zardari the ‘Expert’: Money, Shady Governance Still Major Issues - Pakistan Policy Blog
Zardari says he will work with US, defeat Taliban - Daily Times

Israel Warns France on Talks With Syria - New York Sun
Syria Says Israeli Peace Talks Postponed - NY Times

September 4, 2008

1. With Anbar Province security handed over to Iraqi control, the United States and Iraqi forces are continuing to kill or apprehend men belonging to Kataib Hizballah, an Iranian-supported Special Group.

2. A US special forces raid on a Taliban/al-Qaeda position 1km across the Afghan border into Pakistan's South Waziristan province reportedly killed 20, though high value targets apparently were not at the location. A very assertive operation by the US, one surely with Pak military cooperation and knowledge.

3. Pakistani operations in the NorthWest Frontier Province draw to a close heading into Ramadan, but the Taliban are targeting keypolitical leaders and the military's chief, General Kiyani, for assassination - with the exception of al-Qaeda-linked Nawaz Sharif. Assassination attempt earlier this week on PM Gilani failed, but bullet proof glass in motorcade was pierced.

4. Al-Qaeda terrorist out on bail in the UK is observed and believed to be directing other individuals through surrogates.

Alleged Mata Hari of Al-Qaeda Indicted: Could Provide 'Treasure Trove' of Intelligence - ABC
Indictment Hints of Plan to Attack Landmarks, Siddiqui Had Liter of Cyanide - NY Times
Fears Qatada is beating bail terms to spread terror - This Is London

Bank of China may escape Hamas terror funding probe - Times of India

VP Cheney, In Tbilisi, Slams Russia for War Against Georgia - ABC

U.S. Hands Off Pacified Anbar, Once Heart of Iraq Insurgency - NY Times
Understanding Iraq Through Anbar's Lens - ThreatsWatch
Coalition forces round up four Kata’ib Hizballah suspects in Baghdad Tuesday - MNF-I
Iraq militants plotted bomb attack using tunnel - Union Tribune

US SpecOps Raid 1km Inside Pakistan - Reuters
Pakistani elders vow to protect vital Khyber Pass - Reuters
A sting in Pakistan's al-Qaeda mission - Asia Times
Attempt on PM's Life, Cross-Border Violence Rock Pakistan - ABC
The Urgent Need for a Broader Counterinsurgency Approach in the FATA - Counterterrorism Blog
Pakistan prosecutor seeks to reopen Sharif graft cases - Gulfnews
Pak IM Official Calls Pak, Afghan Taliban & al-Qaeda "Troika" - Daily Times

Russia Selling Hizballah Surface-to-Air and Anti-Tank Missiles - International Analyst Network

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