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August 21, 2008

1. As Reports trickle about Russian withdrawal, Georgian president doubts Russian claims while Russia says intends to set up buffer 5 miles into Georgia proper beyond Ossetia, Abkhazia borders.

2. With PKK bombing of BTC pipeline days before Russian invasion and Russian vow that the BTC pipeline is ‘dead,’ there is more than one way to ‘kill’ a pipeline. Reports emerge that Kazakhstan may now send oil through Russia and Azerbaijan through Russian ally Iran instead. But Turkey says BTC pipeline nearly repaired in Turkey.

3. While NATO gives appearances of solidifying against Russia, Iran and Syria announce closer military ties to Russia.

4. Israeli PM says that if Hizballah appears taking control of Lebanon, all military means are acceptable to prevent it. Meanwhile, Australia seeks to block Hizballah’s Al-Manar TV satellite feed out of Indonesia.

Russia scales down Georgia toll; But What About ‘Genocide’? - BBC
Russia Moves Missiles From Georgia, Steps Up Pullout - Bloomberg
Georgia leader doubts Russia pledge - Press Association
Russia plans to stay in Georgia - Chicago Tribune
Blame all but Russia; American Infighting - SF Chronicle
US Dispatches Destroyers To Black Sea - Defence Talk
US, Turkey agree on passage of Georgian relief ships through straits - Hurriyet

Kazakhstan considers to divert oil export route from BTC to Russia - Hurriyet
Report: Azeri oil exports via Iran likely - Press TV (Iran Regime)
Pipeline politics caused the war in Georgia - Telegraph

Russia and Iran:€“ Energy Rules - Family Security Matters
Russia welcomes Iran`s cooperation for regional stability - Mathaba
Syria: Time ripe for closer Russia military ties - Press TV (Iran Regime)
Analysis: Assad’s shopping list - Jerusalem Post
Russian Aircraft Carrier heads for Syria - MINA
Syria to expand military ties with Russia - Khaleej Times

Getween Russia & Iran, Azerbaijan Ally Deserves Our Attention - Washington Times
In Iraq: Afternoon with the Azerbaijani at Haditha Dam - ThreatsWatch

Friendly Fire May Have Killed French - Military.com

Australia seeks block on Hizballah’s al-Manar TV from Indonesia - Reuters

Alleged Al-Qaeda arms supplier denied bail - AFP

Hamas’ Military Buildup During the Lull: Prepping for the Day After - ITIC
Israel warns of Hizballah kidnap threat overseas - Haaretz

Israeli PM: All military means acceptable to prevent Hizballah controlling Lebanon - Haaretz

UPDATED: Suicide Attack at Pakistan Arms Plant Kills 60 People - NY Times
Suicide attack kills at least 20 at Pakistan arms factory - CNN
Missiles Strike Inside Pakistan - AP

Philippines Cancels Deal With MILF terrorists - NY Times

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