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August 20, 2008

1. Poland and US sign missile shield system agreement on heels of Russian invasion of former Soviet republic, Georgia. Russian reaction was to say that the deal makes Poland a target, which was designed to play into calls by some in US to delay progress on any defensive shield in Eastern Europe.

2. Europe appears shifting to a stronger stance against Russia, with NATO leaders meeting and British Foreign Minister saying that the UK will not forgive latest Russian actions.

3. With Lebanon set to open official ties with Syria in days, Israel warned the Lebanese government to ‘keep its distance’ from Hizballah terrorist organization.

4. US officials say that data indicates Iran’s publicly touted satellite-launching missile tests were a failure, not success. Iran called US info expected propaganda.

Poland, US Sign Missile Shield Agreement In Shadow of Russian Aggression - VOA
Russia Furious Over Missile Defense Deal with Poland - Telegraph
Russia’s Threat: Russian says shield makes Poland target - Washington Times
Russia’s Audience: Some Democrats urge delay in building a U.S. missile shield in Eastern Europe - IHT

Diplomats Taking a New, Stronger Tack on Georgia - New York Sun
FM: UK will not forgive Russia over Georgia - Telegraph
Russian troops slow to leave Georgia - CS Monitor
Russian Invasion Strengthens Support for Saakashvili - EurasiaNet
Abkhazia Seeks Recognition, Russian Troops in Georgia - Bloomberg

‘Shocked’ Nicolas Sarkozy vows to keep French forces in Afghanistan - Times Online
Sarkozy visits Kabul after French soldiers killed - AP

Iran satellite launch a failure, U.S. officials say - Reuters
Report: Iran to build more nuclear power plants - AP

Raid on governor’s office in Iraq’s Diyala province sparks outrage - Los Angeles Times
Son of leading Iraq Sunni politician arrested - Reuters

Israel shuts Gaza crossings after rocket attack - AFP

Israel warns Lebanon to keep distance from Hizballah - AFP
Lebanon PM holds talks in Baghdad - AFP

Goodbye Musharraf, hello Taliban - Asia Times

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