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August 19, 2008

1. Pakistan’s embattled coalition government now begins struggle to settle on new president following Musharraf’s resignation. COAS General Kiyani may or may not watch an extended deterioration for long if in-fighting extends. US forced to re-evaluate options and strategies.

2. French paratroopers in Afghanistan are ambushed near Kabul, ten are killed. The aim of the attack is likely deterring French public, but President Sarkozy says he remains undeterred and committed.

3. Russian troops have yet to pull out of Georgia, but have so far set up checkpoints and detained Georgian soldiers. Russia and Georgia have reportedly exchanged prisoners taken during previous fighting.

Small Russian convoy leaves key Georgian city of Gori - AP
Russian Forces Set Up Checkpoints, Detain Georgian Soldiers - NY Times
Georgia, Russia exchange war prisoners - Washington Times
War reveals Russian military might, weakness - Army Times

Ambush of French paratroopers near Kabul kills 10 - Washington Times

Violence Down, Stability Up Across Iraq, U.S. General Says - DefenseLink

State of Siege: Mexico’s Criminal Insurgency - Small Wars Journal

Terror War Re-Evaluated as Musharraf Steps Down - New York Sun
Musharraf to perform Umra in Saudi Arabia, visit US - Daily Times
(Embattled) Coalition Government Charts Pakistan’s Future - CNN
Will General Kiyani Wait Long to Step In? - FrontPage Magazine
Bomb blast at Pakistan hospital targets Shi’a, kills 23 - AP

Report: Syria test fires series of long-range missiles - Haaretz

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