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August 18, 2008

1. Musharraf has resigned as president of Pakistan rather than face impeachment.

2. Doubts persist over Russian claims of a Monday withdrawal from Georgia. Russian caveat: Will not withdraw from ‘breakaway’ provinces.

3. A Taliban letter to Canadians warned of more attacks on its forces unless the public persuades Ottawa to withdraw forces from Afghanistan.

4. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) attacked villages in the southern Philippines, “killing a local official and burning houses in a sharp escalation of fighting.” But a MILF spokesman said attacks were by a renegade leader, not with knowledge of groups top echelons. Philippine forces have now reportedly retaken villages, 26 reported killed in operations.

Taliban letter to Canadians warns of more attacks - CTV

Al-Qaeda faces difficulties in Pakistan: Gates - AFP
In English, Zawahiri addresses Pakistanis, slams Musharraf as ‘enemy of Islam’ - AFP

Russian SS-21’s Moved to Ossetia? - ThreatsWatch
Russia aims missiles at Georgian capital of Tblisi - Herald Sun
Kremlin says troops will begin Georgia withdrawal - International Herald Tribune
Russians dig in despite pact - Washington Times
Signs of ethnic attacks in Georgia conflict - International Herald Tribune
Gates, Rice say Russia will face consequences - WaPo’s ‘The Talk’
Georgia Conflict Demands a New Warsaw Pact - New York Sun

Tehran touts rocket launch with dummy satellite - Washington Times
Blindfolded Witnesses: Political Prisoners on Their Abuse in Iran - Iranian.com

U.S. Says Iraqi Hit Squads Training in Iran - ABC
Marines inch closer to a formal transfer of security control to Iraqis in Anbar - Los Angeles Times
Baghdad mosque bombing kills 15 - Los Angeles Times

Hamas spokesman slams Israeli cabinet decision to free 200 Fatah prisoners - Haaretz
Israeli Intelligence upset over prisoner release - Jerusalem Post

Musharraf Announces Resignation - New York Sun
Musharraf announces resignation - UPI
Musharraf Charges Expected Tuesday, Nat. Assembly meets today - Daily Times
Pakistani Coalition Finalizes Musharraf Impeachment Charges - VOA
Coalition giving time to president, Army opposes impeachment exit - DAWN
Musharraf to address nation today - BBC
Pakistan weak as militancy, insurgency surges - CS Monitor
Fresh fighting leaves 47 dead in Kurram - Daily Times
If Musharraf Goes: Assessments and Opportunities - Aaron Mannes
Farewell Musharraf, Farewell Pakistan? - FrontPage Magazine

Moro Islamic Liberation Front attacks southern Philippine villages - Washington Times
26 dead as Philippine troops flush out rebels, retake villages - Washington Times

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