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August 4, 2008

1. As Iran ignores the deadline for agreeing to talks, failing to provide a formal response, it muddies the water again as Ahmadinejad addresses country on Iranian television saying that Iran is open to nuclear talks. He had said one day before that Iran would not budge “one iota” on its right to nuclear technology.

2. With Iraqi security improved dramatically and ‘The Surge’ successful, the question now arises of what to do with the 103,000 locally recruited Sons of Iraq anti-al-Qaeda (largely) neighborhood security forces.

3. An Islamist group reportedly mounted an attack in China’s Xinjiang that killed six. The group vowed to carry out attacks during the Olympic Games, beginning this Friday in Beijing.

4. South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo reports that the US is not likely to actually take North Korea off the State Sponsors of Terrorism list August 11 due to unresolved Party of 6 talks.

Chinese border attack in Xinjiang ‘kills 16’ - BBC

Iran ignores deadline to agree to talks on nuclear program - Los Angeles Times
Yet: Ahmadinejad says Iran ‘is open to nuclear talks’ - BBC
US pushes for increased UN sanctions on Iran - Radio Australia
Oil prices jump on renewed Iran jitters - AFP
Still Relevant: PrincipalAnalysis: Iran’s Oil Weapon: Fielded and Wielded - ThreatsWatch (2006)

Sons of Iraq Succeed: What Now for 103k Armed Men? - Mudville Gazette
Miss This? Iraq’s Interior Minister Thanks U.S. Troops for Liberating Iraq - CNS News
Here’s Why: Search: Jawad Karim al-Bolani (Iraqi Interior Minister) - Google News
The Last Battle: The Fight Among Iraq’s Shiites - NY Times

Israel urges int’l pressure to stop Hizballah arms smuggling - Haaretz
Hamas Detains Fatah Men Returned From Israel to Gaza - VOA
Analysis: Why Abbas doesn’t want Fatah ‘refugees’ in West Bank - Jerusalem Post

Exclusive: Hizballah ‘stronger than before’ and ready to strike Israel - Telegraph

U.S. Likely to Keep N.Korea on Terror List - Chosun Ilbo
North Korea, Trade to Top President Bush’s Asia Trip - VOA

US warns Pakistan of serious action - Hindustan Times
Backgrounder: Rapid Context for Reading US-Pakistan Tension - ThreatsWatch
Afghan Official Urges Pakistan to Radically Reform Its Intelligence Body - iStockAnalyst
Winds blow Pakistan; U.S. shivers - Chicago Tribune

Free Market or Flee the Market? Kremlin Crack Down Tumbles Market - ABC

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