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July 28, 2008

1. India’s major cities remain on high alert after a wave of bombings has killed dozens. Last week, bombings rocked Bangalore, and this weekend 45 were later killed in synchronized bombings in Ahmedabad, a state capital. With another jihadist group claiming responsibility, tensions between India and Pakistan remain high on the heels of the bombing of the Indian embassy in Afghanistan.

2. Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for a bombing in Yemen carried out against security forces. A building housing the forces was struck with a car bomb, killing four.

3. In Baghdad, a Shi’a pilgrimage was bombed, killing 28. South of Baghdad, the same pilgrimage was attacked by gunmen hiding in reeds. Al-Qaeda in Iraq has a history of bombing Shi’a pilgrimage processions in order to achieve a high body count and stoke Sunni-Shi’a tensions. In Kirkuk, a suicide bomber killed 17 and wounded 170 at a Kurdish rally.

4. In Instanbul, coordinated bombings killed 17. Turkish authorities blame Kurdish PKK terrorists for the blasts. A second blast was coordinated to kill first responders to the first blast.

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