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July 25, 2008

1. The US announced intentions to funnel the bulk of Pakistan’s current counterterrorism aid monies into upgrading Pakistan’s F-16 fleet instead. The talk could be interpreted as US push-back against an increasingly less cooperative new Pakistani government in relative disarray, and one which faces direct terrorist and insurgency threat from the same enemies.

2. Afghan soldiers flanked and crushed a pocket of Taliban forces in the road to Kandahar. “At least 34 enemy dead bodies are at the battlefield but we believe there are many more killed.” NATO commander warns Afghanistan at risk, requests forces.

3. The next National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran is in the process of being formed and written. November release expected to clearly state that the US believes Iran is in pursuit of nuclear weapons. The November 2007 Iran NIE summary was cleverly worded to suggest the opposite, but was itself not supported by the body of the report.

4. A day after Iran said it will no longer cooperate with the nuclear weapons probe, today it says it will expand ‘cooperation’ with the IAEA - as long as it does not claim to be investigating a nuclear weapons program.

Afghan Soldiers kill ‘dozens’ of jihadists, some foreign - Washington Times
Afghan Soldiers Battle Taliban as NATO Leader Warns of Perils to Nation’s Stability - NY Times

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Yet, Today Iran Says Will Increase Cooperation With IAEA - ABC
Iranian military convoy in Tehran rocked by mystery explosion - Telegraph

Hollywood goes on location to work with Iraq’s Kurds - Los Angeles Times
U.S. expands visa program for Iraqi employees - International Herald Tribune
Female AQI Bomber Targets Awakening, Police, Killing 8 - NY Times

‘UNIFIL flaws may lead to new conflict’ with Israel - Jerusalem Post

McCain and Obama Miss the Real Crisis: Pakistan - Newsweek
U.S. shifting bulk of counterterrorism aid to upgrade Pakistan’s F-16 fighter jets - CNN
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Mueller praises FBIs changes since 9/11 - Washington Times
Bush Proposes Merit Pay For Diplomats - New York Sun
Opinion: Avoiding ‘CSI Kandahar’: Congress Needs To Fix Boumediene - NRO

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