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July 22, 2008

1. Sixteen Israelis were wounded when a Palestinian went on another bulldozer rampage terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

2. Pakistani court bars AQ Khan from discussing Pakistani nuclear proliferation. Recently Khan had loudly criticized the Pak government for being as involved in illicit proliferation as he was, and that such required army security.

3. A top Indian diplomat has leveled charges that Pakistan was behind the recent Indian embassy bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan. Said that the current peace process between the two countries is “under stress” as a result.

4. Iranian proposal offered at Geneva nuclear talks offered nothing at all. One report noted that “the paper’s substance” was so lacking that the Russian deputy foreign minister laughed out loud when he read it.

Guantanamo Judge Blocks Use of Some Statements in Hamdan Trial - Washington Post
Rules for Guantanamo Bay proceedings are still unclear - Los Angeles Times

Pakistan blamed in Indian embassy bombing - Washington Times
Tough talking, accusations - Daily Times
Afghan Rescue: US Spec Forces and Afghan Commandos Free Taliban Prisoner - Blackfive

Iran Gives Nations in Nuclear Talks Two Pages and No Ground - NYTimes

British troops in Iraq are set for smooth withdrawal - Times Online
Maliki Bets That Obama Will Prevail - New York Sun
Obama Visits Pro-US Tribal Leaders in Iraq’s Anbar Province - VOA

Sixteen wounded in copycat bulldozer attack in Jerusalem - Jerusalem Post

Bin Laden aide tells Pakistan’s GEO TV ‘Saudi Qaeda hit Danish embassy’ - Daily Times
Court bars disgraced Pakistan nuke scientist from speaking of proliferation - Jerusalem Post

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