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July 21, 2008

1. Following making his recommendations on Iraq, presidential candidate Barack Obama will now meet with General David Petraeus in Baghdad. Elsewhere in Iraq, US forces wrapped up another militant with ties to Iran.

2. Reacting to speculation that NATO forces are preparing an incursion, the governor of Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province has said that any foreign troops will be repelled by military and paramilitary forces. Meanwhile, al-Qaeda Arabs and Chechens, among other foreigners, continue to remain and another peace accord has been signed, now in Orakzai agency.

3. Iran’s president praised this weekend’s talks in Geneva, Switzerland, as signs of progress. Iran rejected out of hand all calls to suspend uranium enrichment. Secretary of State Rice question’s Iranian sincerity at talks.

4. Five bombs were detonated in Spain, causing damage but no injuries, leading to speculation of a summer of terror by Basque separatist group ETA. A warning call was received before the blasts by an individual claiming to be part of the ETA group.

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