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July 18, 2008

1. Inside Pakistan, Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud has issued an ultimatum to the government of the North West Frontier Province demanding the government resign within 5 days or “face the consequences.”

2. The Hamdan military trial - war crimes charges against the former driver for Usama bin Laden - could begin as soon as Monday at Guantanamo Bay.

3. Kuwait has named its first ambassador to Iraq since Saddam’s brutal 1990 invasion, another sign that the young Iraqi democracy is not only progressing, but is perceived as such within its own region.

Former Bin Laden Driver Hamdan Set for Gitmo Trial - ABC
Hamdan: I’m Happy to Report I Was Wrong - NRO
Al-Qaeda: Winning or losing? - The Economist

Weapons and contraband tunnels found in Egypt’s Sinai - AFP

Iran expects progress in forthcoming nuclear talks in Geneva - Jerusalem Post

Al-Qaeda’s losing relevance in Iraq war outcome - MSNBC
Iraqi Army Patrols Sadr City During Friday Prayers - ABC
Progress Pic of the Day - PrairiePundit

Israel arrests six for ‘al-Qaeda links’ - The Age

Kuwait names first ambassador to Iraq since 1990 - Los Angeles Times

Top Diplomats in Six-Party Korean Nuclear Talks to Meet - VOA

Taliban issues ‘five-day ultimatum’ to NWFP government - Dawn
Pakistan Army says it has driven militants from Hangu villages - Daily Times
Pakistan Army Reports 10 Militants Killed During Offensive in Northwest - VOA
Poll: 86% think Pakistan headed in wrong direction, say Impeach Musharraf - Dawn

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