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July 11, 2008

1. Within the historical context of overstating its conventional military capabilities, the widely published image of this week's Iranian missile launch is found to have been digitally edited to cover up a missile misfire. Meanwhile, a major French energy firm has canceled a deal originally made with the Iranian regime for development.

2. In Israel, embattled PM Olmert has been questioned a third time by Israeli police over charges of inappropriately accepting money while in government.

3. Egypt has uncovered new tunnels along the Gaza-Egypt border and seized multiple weapons caches.

4. The International Criminal Court is expected to issue an arrest warrant next week for Sudan president Bashir on charges of war crimes in Darfur.

Bush Signs Spy Bill, ACLU Sues - Wired
President Signs Electronic Surveillance Legislation; Lawsuits Expected - CQ Politics

Senate Confirms Petraeus for CENTCOM, Odierno for MNF-I Commands - DefenseLink

US, Colombia choked rebel communications network - Washington Post

French Energy Giant Cancels Gas Deal in Iran - NY Times
Picture: Iran 'fakes' missile launch after misfire - Times Online
Iran's Enriched Uranium Supply Grows with Steady Production - Newsweek

Bodies of 2 missing U.S. soldiers found, relatives say - Los Angeles Times
Battle Over Sadr City Defines Apache Helicopter Regiment’s Tour in Iraq - The Long War Journal
Obama's Iraq Withdrawal Plan: Mission Impossible? Commanders Warn of Troubles - ABC

Police question Olmert third time on 'money envelopes' - M&C

Hamas claims arrests PA-aligned al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades members for rocket fire - AFP
Egypt uncovers three tunnels, weapons caches on border with Gaza strip - Haaretz
2 killed in tunnel collapse on Gaza-Egpyt border - AP
Logistics: The Lucrative Tunnels Of Gaza - Strategy Page

Hizballah-Israel prisoner swap set for next Wednesday - Haaretz
Lebanese leaders agree on national unity cabinet - M&C
France Develops Relations with Syria in Favor of Lebanon - an-Nahar

Taliban: Pakistan hostages will be slain if insurgents are not released - International Herald Tribune
Senior Taliban Commander Arrested in Northwest Pakistan - VOA

Russian FM Says Iran Missile Tests Prove US Shield 'Not Needed' - VOA

ICC Arrest warrant likely for Sudan president Omar Hassan Ahmad Bashir - IHT

U.S. tightens sanctions on Syria - Reuters

Gunmen Who Killed Three At US Consulate In Istanbul Linked To al-Qaeda - Sky News

Yemeni security forces blanket Aden on war anniversary - The Long War Journal

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