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July 10, 2008

1. Iran publicized a second round of missile tests as it attempts to deter any US or Israeli attack on its nuclear weapons program. Though Iran claimed the tests were of the longer-range version of the North Korean No Dong-based Shahab-3, it is believed to have been the older, shorter range version.

2. Terror attack on US Consulate in Turkey is believed to have been carried out by AQ-linked terrorists. One of the killed attackers is believed to have been released from Guantanamo Bay detention facility. Turkish speculation includes potential cooperation between al-Qaeda and Kurdish PKK terrorists.

3. New Lebanese President Michel Suleiman, seen by Syria as an ally, said in an interview that Hizballah is not a terrorist organization. In justifying, he said, "Whoever defends his land and liberates it from occupation cannot be termed terrorist. I cannot accept this in any case."

Gitmo cases will be tried chronologically in US District Court - Washington Times
One Terrorist in Attack on U.S. Consulate in Turkey Believed Released from Gitmo - Los Angeles Times
Biological Terror Threat Worse Than Nuclear Terror Threat - UPI

Turkey investigates possible al Qaeda link in U.S. Consulate attack - Hurriyet
Turkey investigates al-Qaeda link - BBC
Investigators look for motive in deadly attack on U.S. Consulate in Turkey - Los Angeles Times
Al Qaeda-PKK cooperation lies behind Istanbul consulate attack? - Hurriyet
Consulate attack exposes Turkey's frailty - Asia Times

Iran test-fires more missiles in Persian Gulf - Washington Times
Israeli defense sources: Iran missile test not an advanced Shahab-3 as Tehran claims - Haaretz
History of Conventional Overstatement: Iran's Public Defense Industry Trade Show Maneuvers - ThreatWatch 2006
Iran's Asymmetric Defense Doctrine: Iran Defense: New Doctrine, Old Doctrine - ThreatsWatch 2006
Iranian General: 'Our Hands Are Always on the Trigger' - New York Sun
Strategically Related: PrincipalAnalysis: Iran’s Oil Weapon: Fielded and Wielded - ThreatsWatch
Rice warns Iran: US will defend Israel - AFP
U.S. says diplomacy is focus in Iran efforts - Reuters

Israel sees Mediterranean Union as way to boost Arab ties - AFP
Q&A: 'There Are No Negotiations Between Syria and Israel' - IPS

Lebanese President: 'Hizballah cannot be called terrorist' - Press TV
Lebanese Troops Move On To The Streets Of Tripoli To Quell Armed Sunni-Alawite Clashes - Sky News

Mugabe Plans to Retake Parliament, Officials Say - Bloomberg

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