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July 8, 2008

1. Contradicting the latest politicized NIE, Western intelligence agencies believe Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps has set up a network for producing advanced P-2 centrifuges to enrich uranium much faster. The Iranian nuclear weapons program is not dormant.

2. The bombing in Kabul near the Indian embassy which killed over 40 may have been designed by al-Qaeda to stoke Indo-Pak tensions that have been relatively cool and managed since 2001. Pakistan has mistrusted and resented India's involvement in the rebuilding and security of Afghanistan.

3. Al-Qaeda's As-Sahab Media has published the 34th release this year, glorifying a terrorist who blew himself up in Afghanistan. Curious contradiction between his purportedly significant stature yet embarkation on suicide mission. Deceased is on tape describing how he and al-Qaeda trained Somalis to fight US forces after the invasion that led to the 'Blackhawk Down' events.

4. Report says that Palestinians have received nearly $1 Billion in direct aid in the past six months. Meanwhile, another mortar attack from Gaza violates the ceasefire and the PA's Abbas meets with Islamic Jihad leadership in Syria.

New As-Sahab Video In Honor of Slain al-Qaeda Commander - CBS

Poland tries to save U.S. missile-defense deal - Washington Times

Bomb in Kabul May Ignite India, Pakistan Tensions - New York Sun
Escalation in Afghanistan - Captain's Journal

Iran has resumed A-bomb project, says West - Telegraph
Iran stages war games, rejects nuclear demand - Reuters
Netherlands bans Iranian students from nuclear studies - AFP

UAE to cancel Iraq's $7 billion debt - CNN

Mortar shell hits W. Negev in fresh Gaza truce violation - Haaretz

Nearly One Billion dollars in direct aid disbursed to Palestinians in six months - AFP
Abbas meets Islamic Jihad head in Syria - Jerusalem Post

An al-Qaeda Threat in the United Arab Emirates? - Jamestown.org

U.S. ties Caracas to Hizballah aid - Washington Times

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