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June 30, 2008

1. After last week's Taliban push throughout FATA and its siege of Peshawar in the NWFP, the Pakistani government has ordered forces to combat, especially in the critical Khyber agency, a crucial supply route for NATO forces in Afghanistan.

2. The debate goes on regarding President Bush's decision to reward North Korea for its cooperation by removing it from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list. President assures he is under no delusions and the administration wants uranium program clarifications as well. Removal from list deemed by many to be too high a price.

3. Zimbabwe's Mugabe is sworn in as president after run-off vote, which has been highly criticized as a sham due to violence and intimidation at polls.

4. Irsaeli Knesset approves Hizballah prisoner swap for IDF soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, who are believed to be dead. Hamas is said to be renewing efforts for their own swap in it's wake.

The Road to Kosovo, Part II - Michael Totten

Oil near $143 on Israel-Iran tensions - Reuters
Iran condemns 'Israeli spy' to death - CNN
Caveat Emptor, Seymour Hersh: Preparing the Battlefield - The New Yorker

Iraqi guards kill female suicide bomber - Jerusalem Post
Iraqi Security Forces Five Year Plan: An updated projection - The Long War Journal

Israeli Cabinet approves Hizballah prisoner swap - Chicago Tribune
Ministers opposed to prisoner swap: Deal is a victory for Hizballah - Haaretz
Hamas emboldened by Israel-Hizballah swap - AP

The Lebanese Powder Keg - Middle East Times

Klein: Video confessions: Fatah 'Peace partner' ordered rocket attacks to sabotage Gaza truce - WND

Japan warns North Korea trying to divide Tokyo and Washington - AFP
G8 Ministers: North Korean Nuclear Claims Need Verification - Deutsche Welle
US calls on North Korea to come clean on uranium - Daily Times
Bill says U.S. can pay North Korea for destroying nukes - The Hill
Radio: Talking North Korea and Diplomacy - ThreatsWatch

Pakistani military advances in Khyber after Taliban push - The Long War Journal
Six dead as blast destroys Pakistan militant house - AFP
Amid Policy Disputes, Qaeda Grows in Pakistan - NYTimes
Pakistan, Iran likely to conclude $7b IPI gas pipeline deal in July - Khaleej Times

Russia expels South Korean spies: report - AFP

Mugabe 'wins,' arrives at African Union summit - International Herald Tribune

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