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June 25, 2008

1. While Mohammed ElBaradei continues to assert IAEA is only barrier between Iran and nuclear weapons, Syrian nuclear facility beyond IAEA view was joint Iran-North Korea-Syria plutonium bomb endeavor.

2. Israel closes northern Gaza crossing again after rocket attack from Gaza violates truce deal with Hamas.

3. Internal fighting has reportedly split Hamas into two factions inside Gaza after a coup attempt to replace Hamas military commander Ahmed al-Jabari fails.

4. Taliban group loyal to Baitullah Mehsud has executed 22 members of a pro-government tribe as the al-Qaeda-aligned group seized the town of Jandola.

Afghan Security Forces Lead Response to Taliban Prison Break - DefenseLink

Suspect was devoted to al-Qaeda camp, Canadian court told - Globe and Mail

El Baradei Now Says Iran Needs As Little As Six Months for a Bomb - CQ SpyTalk
Intelligence: Iran, NoKor, Syria Worked On Plutonium Plant - Der Spiegel
Syria planned to supply Iran with nuclear fuel, Israel says - Guardian
Flashback: What About Russian-Supplied Fuel? Policy Implosion - Weekly Standard (12/07)
Iran "No Threat" to the United States? - The Weekly Standard Blog
News agency: Iran shuts down Tehran newspaper critical of Ahmadinejad - International Herald Tribune

Rockets Hit Israel, Breaking Hamas Truce - NYTimes
Israel closes Gaza crossings again after rocket attacks - CNN
Olmert Strikes Deal to Remain PM - ABC

Death toll from Sunni-Shi'a clashes in north Lebanon rises to nine - AFP

Attempted coup splits Hamas military wing in two - Haaretz

22 Killed by Taliban Militants - ABC
Taliban executes 22 pro-government tribal leaders - Hot Air
From Afghanistan, NATO shells militants in Pakistan - International Herald Tribune

Russia Bolsters Arctic Claims With War Games - AP

ABC News: Mugabe: 'The Election Is Ours'
Opposition leader Tsvangirai calls for peacekeepers in Zimbabwe - Deutsche Welle

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