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June 16, 2008

1. Britain, EU, and President Bush announce new sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program intransigence. But the group gets implementation backwards in announcing a freeze on Iran's Bank Melli assets before putting the freeze in place, allowing Iran to withdraw $75 billion in assets before action.

2. New evidence suggests nuclear proliferator AQ Khan may have sold compact nuclear weapons designs to unknown numbers of rogue states - affording for a much smaller device more easily deployed by terrorists and more easily delivered by Iranian ballistic missiles.

3. Afghan President Hamid Karzi has threatened Pakistan that Afghanistan will send its own forces into Pakistan havens to combat Taliban cross-border raids, saying that it is within its rights to defend itself. As an Asia Times analysis suggests, the move can be interpreted as US patience with Pakistan running out.

4. Saudi Arabia has announced it will increase crude production another 200,000 barrels per day, making the net increase since May 500,000 per day. As much as it may contribute to driving prices down, the move may also be interpreted as Saudi capitalization on higher prices before other circumstances drive prices down further.

Mystery, Rumors of US Capture Surrounding Adam Gadahn - SAAG International Terrorism Monitor

Oil Falls for a Second Day as Saudi Arabia May Increase Output - Bloomberg
FLASHBACK: Bin Laden Set $144 Per Barrel Target Price: Fears, Again, of Oil Supplies at Risk - New York Times 2001
May 2008: Congressional Testimony 'Rising Oil Prices, Declining National Security' Cites bin Laden's Target Price - House.Gov

New AQ Khan evidence sparks worry over fate of advanced nuclear-bomb designs - Seattle Times
Smugglers Had Design For Advanced Warhead - Washington Post

Interview: Terrorism and Web 3.0 - International Affairs Forum
Assassination & Insurgency at the Frontline Club - Complex Terrain Lab

EU Ministers Look for Way Forward After Irish Treaty Rejection Shock - Deutsche Welle

Editorial: Combating the Combatants Decision - National Review Online
Obama lauds Supreme Court ruling on Guantanamo captives; McCain has 'concerns' - International Herald Tribune
A Way Forward After Last Week's Supreme Court Ruling on Enemy Combatants - Andrew McCarthy

US Says Allies Must Step Up Commitment in Afghanistan - VOA
After Talks With Bush, British PM Promises More Troops for Afghanistan - VOA

Britain, E.U., President Bush Announce Iran Sanctions - Washington Post
Iran Withdraws $75 Billion from Europe Ahead of Sanctions - Asharq Alawsat
Iran Rejects Six-Nation Proposal - Washington Post

An Initial Look at the Registrants for Provincial Election - Talisman Gate
Commentary: Al Maliki the Victorious - Asharq Alawsat

Hamid Karzai threatens cross-border revenge raids - Telegraph
US Runs Out OF Patience With Pakistan - Asia Times
Pakistan rebukes Karzai over cross-border raids threat - CNN
Afghans vow to support Karzai in Pakistan border row - CBC
Report: Strike targets Baitullah Mehsud's hideout in Pakistan - The Long War Journal

Mugabe says he would hand over power - to his allies - International Herald Tribune

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