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June 11, 2008

1. In pursuit of Taliban fighters after they conducted an ambush inside Afghanistan, US aircraft fired a missile that struck a Frontier Corps border post. 11 Pakistani FC paramilitary troops were killed along with "10 other people." Pakistan called the attack an unprovoked aggression against Pakistan.

2. In Iraq, the Anbar Salvation Council has announced a four-member political alliance in Anbar consisting of anti-al-Qaeda Iraqis. Meanwhile, in Morocco, 29 members of an al-Qaeda-linked terror cell were convicted for recruiting and facilitating sending terrorists to Iraq, among other charges.

3. A peace deal has apparently been signed in Somalia between the Transition Federal Government and Islamists there. However, the Islamists are not a united group, and some have rejected the deal, including al-Qaeda-trained Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, who called the deal "rubbish and inconsequential."

Sect in Indonesia fears attacks on its members - International Herald Tribune

U.S. and Allies Threaten More Iran Sanctions - US News and World Report
Gulf Arabs eye Iraq role to counter Iran - Khaleej Times

Anbar Salvation Council announces 4-member political alliance - Aswat Aliraq
Iran tells Iraq: U.S. troops are 'main obstacle on the way to progress' - Los Angeles Times
Iraq no 'platform' for attacks elsewhere, U.S. envoy says - CNN
US says 500 fighters give up arms in Iraq - AFP

Israel puts off Gaza invasion - Deutsche Welle

Libya's Gaddafi calls EU plan for a 'Mediterranean Union' an insult - Gulf News

Morocco convicts 29 members of al-Qaeda-linked terror cell - BBC

Suspected U.S. missile fired in NW Pakistan - Reuters
Pakistan blames U.S. coalition for deaths in 'cowardly' attack - CNN
Pakistan Blames U.S. Coalition for Troops' Deaths - Washington Post
RAND Report: Pakistan Intelligence has helped Taliban insurgents - Gulf News

Philippine Television Crew Believed to Be Kidnapped - NYTimes

Rivals in Somalia sign peace deal - International Herald Tribune
However: Peace deal in Somalia dismissed by Islamists - International Herald Tribune
AQ-Trained Sheikh Aweys rejects Somalia peace deal - The Press Association

Seoul protest threatens to topple government - International Herald Tribune

Dozens Dead in Sudanese Plane Crash - ABC

Venezuelan Military and Civilians Test-Run Defense Operations - VenezuelAnalysis.com

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