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June 9, 2008

1. Pakistan's deal in North Waziristan is a near carbon copy of the failed deal made less than two years ago. Once again allows al-Qaeda allowed to stay if they "pledge to remain peaceful."

2. Sahwa al-Iraq (Iraq Awakening) leader Sheikh Ahmad al-Rishawi offers to help US establish grassroots anti-al-Qaeda equivalent in Afghanistan. His late brother had once proclaimed he would 'fight al-Qaeda all the way to Afghanistan' if given the resources.

3. Fighting escalates between Hizballah and pro-government forces in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, a significant portion of Lebanon on the Syrian border long dominated by and home to Hizballah's military headquarters.

4. Hamas-Fatah talks in Senegal promoted as having "restored trust and respect" between the two factions. Since Fatah's calls for talks, Palestinian polls reflect a shift in support from Hamas to Fatah.

Crude may hit $150 says Iran - Gulf Daily News
Market Expert Speaks: What Mr. Crude Oil Sees Ahead - Barrons

US military blame al-Qaeda for bomb blast near Kirkuk - Times Online
Weapon caches seized in Iraq, al-Qaeda suspects held - M&C
Iraq Awakening Leader Offers To Take Fight to Bin Laden - New York Sun
Flashback: Late Sheikh Abdul Sattar Spoke of Fighting AQ 'All the Way To Afghanistan' - National Review

Fighting between Hizballah, pro-Gov't forces escalates in Lebanon's Bekaa region - Ya Libnan

North Korea complains of slow energy aid - AFP

North Waziristan peace agreement allows Al Qaeda to remain - The Long War Journal
Previously: Descent into Appeasement - Weekly Standard

Hamas, Fatah ”restore trust” in Senegal talks - al-Bawaba
Saudi king, Abbas want Arab League role in Fatah-Hamas talks - AFP
Poll: Abbas more popular than Haniyeh after call for Hamas dialogue - Haaretz
2 Weeks Ago: Iran tells Hamas to continue resistance against Israel - al-Bawaba

52 arrested in deadly Sri Lanka bus blasts - International Herald Tribune

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