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June 6, 2008

1. The US Department of Treasury has designated three individuals for financial and other support for al-Qaeda, including links to both Pakistan and Iran. US DoT says one had met inside Iran with al-Qaeda leaders under 'house arrest' there.

2. The military junta in Myanmar has ordered US Navy relief supply-laden ships to leave despite much needed relief for civilian population.

3. The government of Indonesia has ruled that it will not outlaw a moderate Muslim sect there, but did warn it to adhere to a strict interpretation of Islam.

4. Another Haditha Marine has been cleared of more charges stemming from the firestorm created by a hasty public leap to judgment, including irresponsible charges and public statements from Congressman Murtha of Pennsylvania.

5. Pakistan's AQ Khan remains defiant as he says now that Pakistani government officials were complicit in the proliferation of nuclear technology to North Korea, Iran and Libya. Says he did as his government asked.

9/11 'architect' KSM requests execution for 'martyrdom' - Washington Times
US Treasury Designates Three Gulf-Based al-Qaeda Financiers - US Dept. of Treasury
US targets al-Qaeda operatives with links to Iran, Pakistan - Long War Journal

Relief-Stocked US Navy Ships Ordered to Leave Myanmar by Ruling Junta - Navy Times
Assets Still Available for Burma Aid Distribution, General Says - DefenseLink
In depth: Burma - Financial Times

Video: Pipes on the future of Europe - Uncommon Knowledge on National Review Online

Blair firm on boycott of Hamas - The Guardian
Gaza agency working with Blair seized by Hamas - Reuters

Indonesia not to outlaw moderate Muslims but warn them to adhere to strict Islam - Radio Netherlands

Haditha Marine Acquitted of Obstruction of Justice - San Diego Union-Tribune
United Arab Emirates to open embassy in Iraq - Los Angeles Times

Israel, Hizballah swap prisoner for body parts - Globe and Mail
Projecting Power: Iran's Lebanese 'aircraft carrier' - BBC

AQ Khan Says Pakistani Gov't Officials Complicit in Proliferation - Washington Post
Pakistan Says No Talks With Taliban, al-Qaeda - INN
Militants attack near Pakistan-Afghanistan border - CS Monitor

Syria Now Agrees to IAEA Inspection of Destroyed Nuclear Site Only - Gulf Daily News

Air Force Chief, Secretary Resign at SecDef Request after nuclear transport flap - Danger Room

U.S., Britain urge U.N. to act on attacks on diplomats - Washington Times

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