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June 3, 2008

1. In Kut, a raid has netted a top Iranian-trained militia leader reportedly now in US custody as US and Iraqi forces continue to press Iranian-backed militias and Special Groups in the south.

2. Iran's Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Khameini said that Iran will continue its nuclear pursuits regardles of trade incentives and pressures from the West.

3. With Mugabe in Rome for talks on food crisis, which has spurned protest from some quarters, 2 opposition leaders in Zimbabwe have been arrested by Mugabe's forces.

4. With Russia supporting autonomy for Georgian Abkhazia region, Russian troops have arrived on Georgian soil. US has opposed and Georgia has demanded that the troops be withdrawn.

Nuclear bomb blueprints for sale on world black market, experts fear - The Guardian
Syria to Meet With Weapons Inspectors About Site Bombed by Israel - Washington Post

Putin backs Abkhazia autonomy, Russian troops sent - Reuters
US 'dismayed' more Russian troops sent to Abkhazia - Reuters
Georgia summons Russian envoy over soldiers - Reuters

Ayatollah Khamenei vows Iran's nuclear program will go on despite trade offers - AP
IAEA tells Iran to make full nuclear disclosure - Daily Times
Iran's Ahmadinejad slams West over food crisis - Forbes

U.S. military reforms its prisons in Iraq - International Herald Tribune
Video: Major General Stone Conference on Detention Facilities - Small Wars Journal
US captures suspects in separate Iraqi raids - AP
US says Iran-trained militia leader held in Iraq - AFP

U.N. Report Renders Return to North Korea Unlikely - New York Sun

Defense Minister Barak: Hamas is exhibiting signs of distress - Haaretz
Assailants beat guards, steal bus from Christian school in Gaza: officials - International Herald Tribune

Pakistan Blast Was Suicide Attack - New York Times
Deadly Pakistan embassy bomb raises security fears - Washington Post

Mugabe Visit to Rome U.N. Food Summit Angers Many - New York Sun
2 opposition leaders arrested in Zimbabwe - International Herald Tribune

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