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May 28, 2008

1. A day after Israel demanded in its talks that Syria sever ties with Iran, Assad dismisses the demand and instead signs a military cooperation MOU with Tehran. Meanwhile, Israeli ministers are backing a bill to block any withdrawal from the Golan Heights.

2. Israeli Defense Minister Barak has called for Prime Minister Olmert to step down immediately and informed the Kadima party that there will be elections of he does not.

3. Israeli site claims that Iran has given Hamas an advanced closed telecommunications network similar to the one it constructed for Hizballah in southern and eastern Lebanon.

4. An Australian Army major writes that Australian soldiers are becoming "ashamed to wear the uniform" due to political leadership policies that refuse to put them in combat.

Syria's Assad dismisses Israeli demand on Iran - Reuters
Iran, Syria ink military cooperation agreement - Tehran Times
Sources: Iran may attack Israeli targets abroad over Syria talks - Haaretz

Iranian guilty of using US nuclear software - AP
Ahmadinejad rival Larijani now speaker of parliament in Iran - Los Angeles Times

Barak tells Olmert: Quit or face elections - Haaretz
U.S. Businessman Testifies He Gave Olmert $150,000 Over 13 Years - New York Times
61 MKs back bill to block Golan withdrawal - Jerusalem Post
Background: PrincipalAnalysis: Diplomacy or Diversion? - ThreatsWatch

Lebanon's parliamentary majority backs Fuad Saniora for prime minister - International Herald Tribune

Keep up resistance, Iran tells Hamas - AFP
Report: Iran Gave Hamas Telecommunications Network Similar to that of Hizballah - An-Nahar

NATO urges Pakistan to prevent Afghanistan spillover - Reuters
Violence in Afghanistan Kills At Least 24 People - VOA

Australian soldiers 'ashamed' at lack of action in Iraq and Afghanistan - Times Online

After general seized, Guinea army to 'receive back pay' - BBC

Chertoff: Al-Qaeda targets democracies - USA Today
Media and Intel Community Caught by Apparent Al-Qaeda Nuke Message 'Prank' - Counterterrorism Blog

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