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May 16, 2008

1. President Bush continues his Middle East trip, visiting Saudi Arabia next. Expected to address energy and Iranian threat.

2. Interpol says that the evidence found in the files of a FARC laptop seized in a recent Colombian government raid is authentic and 'genuine.'

3. Arab League, Hizballah and Lebanese government meeting in Qatar in attempt to defuse tensions, violence in Lebanon's ongoing power struggle.

4. As a late-June runoff election is announced in Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe continues to unleash violence and intimidation against the Anglican Church there through his police forces.

5. Satellite imagery reveals a massive missile site in China. FAS scientist discovered site using Google Earth, says is a medium range missile site capable of striking India and Russia.

Bush to Address Oil Prices, Iran During Saudi Visit - Washington Post
Saudis, US grapple with Iran challenge - Asia Times
Bush Moves to Reassure Israel - WSJ
Bush: Peace in Mideast in 60 years - Washington Times

Bin Laden urges Muslims to liberate Palestine - CNN
Demise of al-Qaeda in sight, US official says - Telegraph

Extensive missile site in China revealed by satellite: analyst - AFP
1999: China Increases Its Missile Forces While Opposing U.S. Missile Defense - Heritage.org
US warns China over weapon links in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan - AFP

Interpol: Farc rebel link files 'genuine' - BBC

7 Convicted in France On Terrorism Charges - Washington Post

Ahmadinejad Says Israel Is 'Dying' - RFE/RL
PM: U.S., Israel see need for 'tangible action' on Iran nukes - Haaretz

How Iran Is Killing U.S. Troops in Iraq - Pajamas Media
Attacks decrease in Sadr City; fighting shifts to western Baghdad - The Long War Journal
US House blocks Iraq war money, sets pullout plan - Reuters

Today in Lebanon: Rolling News Briefs - Ya Libnan
Lebanese Government, Hizballah Seek End to Political Stalemate - Bloomberg
Arab League talks in Qatar seek to defuse Lebanon crisis - Toronto Star

Pakistan resisting U.S. pressure on cross-border raids - International Herald Tribune

Gaza: Bomb explodes at Christian school - Jerusalem Post
Egypt's Mediation Efforts 'Begin to Bear Fruit' On Ceasefire in Gaza - INSS

Germany cites threat of Russian espionage - International Herald Tribune
Russia detains man accused of spying for Georgia - International Herald Tribune

Int'l Red Cross says 100,000 people affected by rebellion in Yemen's north - IRIN

Mugabe Unleashes Zimbabwean Police On Anglicans - International Herald Tribune
Gruesome photographs [ Warning: Very Graphic ] of Mugabe's violence against opposition - CentreRight
Zimbabwe runoff announced for end of June - CNN

Petraeus Effect: Army's Next Crop of Generals Forged in Counterinsurgency - Washington Post

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