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May 13, 2008

1. Five bombs explode in India's tourist city of Jaipur, killing 60 and injuring more than 150. No reports or claims of responsibility at time of publishing.

2. Lebanon continues to roil in conflict as Hizballah takes over Druze village and demands PM Saniora resign.

3. Former PM Sharif's PML-N party withdraws from Pakistani cabinet over failure to reinstate judges sacked by Musharraf. Sharif said he plans to return to Pakistani parliament.

4. Venezuela to buy $2 billion in Russian arms.

5. As President Bush heads to the Middle East to encourage Saudi Arabia to increase oil production, debate continues at home over US reserves left untapped.

China's new naval base triggers US concerns - DefenceTalk
Chinese Rescue Workers Fight to Save Thousands Buried in Massive Quake - VOA

Colombia extradites 14 top paramilitary warlords to the United States - IHT

India tourist city blasts kill at least 60 - AFP
Initial Report: Five major blasts in Jaipur, 6 killed - Times of India
India: Bomb blasts rip through Jaipur market - Telegraph

Israel files complaint to UN after Qassam attack kills Israeli woman - Jerusalem Post
The key to peace: Islamic Jihad leader now says Two States works - The Australian
Israel Considers Truce Offer From Hamas - VOA

Hizballah demands Lebanon's PM resign - Globe and Mail
Saudi Arabia warns Iran over Lebanon 'coup' by Hizballah - Ya Libnan
Expected and undisturbed Hizballah coup - Middle East Times
In Lebanon, a Call for U.S. Action - Washington Post
Hizballah wants Assad back in Lebanon - Ya Libnan
Showdown between Hizballah and Beirut - Washington Institute
Hizballah 'redrawing' Mideast map - Washington Times
Graphic: Mapping Lebanon's Ethnic Mix - Le Monde

Pakistan coalition partner leaves cabinet over judges - International Herald Tribune
Judiciary row hits Pakistan's frail coalition - Sydney Morning Herald

President Bush heads to Mideast to talk peace, oil - CNN
Senate votes to halt strategic oil stockpiling - Los Angeles Times
Alaskan Natural Gas: 30 Years of Wasted Opportunity - Energy Tribune

Venezuela to buy Russian weaponry worth $2 Billion - DefenceTalk

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