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May 6, 2008

1. Lebanon's government deemed Hizballah's telephone network to be illegal, will turn to Arab League and international bodies to end Iran's efforts to assist in the network's construction.

2. Former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton says the US should use air strikes against Iranian terror camps used to train and supply Iraqis attacking US and Iraqi forces.

3. US Attorneys Office unseals indictment against Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, charged with "conspiring to sell millions of dollars worth of weapons to the FARC to be used to kill Americans in Colombia."

4. A Palestinian recently killed in an Israeli strike was a teacher at a UN school in Gaza by day and an Islamic Jihad bomb maker by night.

John Bolton: US should bomb Iranian camps - Telegraph
Increasing domestic turmoil in Iran - Middle East Times
Iran rejects nuclear inspections unless Israel allows them - Washington Post
Iran suspends talks with US on security in Iraq - Washington Post

US conducts operations targeting Mahdi Special Groups in northern Rusafa - Long War Journal
Kurdish rebels threaten suicide attacks against US - New York Times
Document lists 6,000 al-Qaeda suicide bombers in Iraq - M&C

In Lebanon, Hezbollah arms stockpile bigger, deadlier - LA Times

Morocco under high alert after a probable AQIM dry run - Counterterrorism Blog
Also See: Algeria: Young al-Qaeda recruits arrested - AKI

Gaza headmaster by day at UN school was Islamic Jihad "rocket-maker" by night - Reuters

Suicide Attack, Clashes Kill 5 in Pakistan - WSJ

Russia and U.S. sign civilian nuclear pact - IHT

Viktor Bout Indicted for Conspiracy to Kill Americans & Related Terrorism Charges - Counterterrorism Blog
ATF: Phoenix Gun Dealer Supplied Mexican Drug Cartels - ABC News

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