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May 30, 2008

1. US officials say that Iran and al-Qaeda are in secret negotiations to settle the release of top al-Qaeda terrorists, including bin Laden's sons, under 'house arrest' in Iran since they fled Afghanistan following the US invasion of 2001.

2. Secretary Chertoff reasserted that Iran's Hizballah terrorist organization makes al-Qaeda look "minor league" and poses a greater threat to US security and interests. This as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi credited the end of fighting in Basra to "the goodwill of the Iranians."

3. The American NATO forces commander in Afghanistan criticized Pakistan's light approach to Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters over the border saying, “Over time, when there has been dialogue, or peace deals, the incidents [in Afghanistan] have gone up."

4. In Canada, the Wilfrid Laurier University awarded a top 'entrepreneurial award' to a student who the FBI charges "set up enterprises to acquire $22,000 worth of sensitive warship-building software" for the Tamil Tigers as well as facilitated smuggling to aid them in Sri Lanka.

Officials: Iran, al-Qaeda in Secret Talks - ABC
CIA Director Hayden Cites Big Gains Against Al-Qaeda - Washington Post

Chertoff: Hizballah Makes Al-Qaeda Look 'Minor League,' Is Greatest Security Threat - FOX
Lebanon in the Hands of the [Iranian] Faqih - Dar Al Hayat

NATO Chief in Afghanistan Says Pakistan’s Tack on Militants Is Not as Expected - NY Times
Canadians fight to figure out who is real enemy in Afghanistan - The Ottawa Citizen

Terror suspect wins entrepreneurial award at Canadian university - Globe and Mail

Larijani warns IAEA that Iran could revise cooperation - AFP
Nuclear Proliferation and Iran's Endless Filibuster - The Economist

President Talabani tells Hizballah: Don't mess with Iraq - Ya Libnan
Iraq's Appeals for Debt Relief Stir Little Arab Response - New York Sun

Pakistan's A.Q. Khan now disowns 2004 confession on nuke black market - Guardian

Georgia-Russia Fight Moves to Security Council - New York Sun

Syria dismisses Israeli demand to ditch Iran - Daily Times

Time to talk to al-Qaeda, senior UK police chief urges - Guardian

May 28, 2008

1. A day after Israel demanded in its talks that Syria sever ties with Iran, Assad dismisses the demand and instead signs a military cooperation MOU with Tehran. Meanwhile, Israeli ministers are backing a bill to block any withdrawal from the Golan Heights.

2. Israeli Defense Minister Barak has called for Prime Minister Olmert to step down immediately and informed the Kadima party that there will be elections of he does not.

3. Israeli site claims that Iran has given Hamas an advanced closed telecommunications network similar to the one it constructed for Hizballah in southern and eastern Lebanon.

4. An Australian Army major writes that Australian soldiers are becoming "ashamed to wear the uniform" due to political leadership policies that refuse to put them in combat.

Syria's Assad dismisses Israeli demand on Iran - Reuters
Iran, Syria ink military cooperation agreement - Tehran Times
Sources: Iran may attack Israeli targets abroad over Syria talks - Haaretz

Iranian guilty of using US nuclear software - AP
Ahmadinejad rival Larijani now speaker of parliament in Iran - Los Angeles Times

Barak tells Olmert: Quit or face elections - Haaretz
U.S. Businessman Testifies He Gave Olmert $150,000 Over 13 Years - New York Times
61 MKs back bill to block Golan withdrawal - Jerusalem Post
Background: PrincipalAnalysis: Diplomacy or Diversion? - ThreatsWatch

Lebanon's parliamentary majority backs Fuad Saniora for prime minister - International Herald Tribune

Keep up resistance, Iran tells Hamas - AFP
Report: Iran Gave Hamas Telecommunications Network Similar to that of Hizballah - An-Nahar

NATO urges Pakistan to prevent Afghanistan spillover - Reuters
Violence in Afghanistan Kills At Least 24 People - VOA

Australian soldiers 'ashamed' at lack of action in Iraq and Afghanistan - Times Online

After general seized, Guinea army to 'receive back pay' - BBC

Chertoff: Al-Qaeda targets democracies - USA Today
Media and Intel Community Caught by Apparent Al-Qaeda Nuke Message 'Prank' - Counterterrorism Blog

May 27, 2008

1. An IAEA report has been given to the UN Security Council that reportedly accuses Iran of non-cooperation regarding its nuclear program, calling weapons research a "serious concern."

2. British military report evidences past Iranian funding of attacks on British, US and Iraqi forces. British MP: "This report makes it quite clear that Iran is directly involved in funding the insurgency."

3. Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader attempts now to backpedal after praising Usama bin Laden.

4. Lebanese parliament elects Army General Suleiman president while Hizballah issues new warning to government about any attempts to disarm the Iranian proxy terror group.

Russia and China join to condemn U.S. missile shield - International Herald Tribune
NATO Needs To Work With Russia: Moscow - Defense News

Egypt eyes Iran's overtures with suspicion - Los Angeles Times
Muslim Brotherhood Leader Praises bin Laden - Asharq Alawsat
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Denies Praising Al-Qaeda - Asharq Alawsat
Egyptian police uncover 500 kilograms of TNT near Egypt-Gaza border - Jerusalem Post

Guinea soldiers seize army chief in West African country - BBC

Nuclear agency accuses Iran of willful lack of cooperation - International Herald Tribune
Iran may be withholding info needed in nuke probe - AP
Iran Safeguards Report Sent to UN Security Council, IAEA Board - IAEA
Iran is playing a dangerous game and the West's patience could soon run out - Telegraph
Tehran carefully rooting for Obama - Los Angeles Times

Iran 'paid Iraq insurgents to kill UK soldiers' - Telegraph

Military Intelligence: Syria continuing to arm Hizballah despite peace moves with Israel - Haaretz
Anti-Israeli Terrorism in 21007 and Trends in 2008 - ITIC
Gaza sewage crisis threatens Israel as waste flows north - AJC

Lebanese parliament elects army chief as president - Washington Post
Profile: General Michel Suleiman - BBC
Lebanon president praises Hizballah's fight against Israel - Telegraph
Lebanon: 9 wounded in gunfight between pro-gov't, opposition supporters - Jerusalem Post

Bizarre Turn Seen in Case of Korea Spy - New York Sun

Deadly Somali insurgent raid on peace force in Mogadishu - BBC
Official: Possible US airstrike in southern Somalia - Gulf News
Somalia on the verge of collapse, aid officials and residents say - Los Angeles Times

South Sudan 'on the brink of war' - BBC

Ananysis: Can Syria break its Iranian bear hug? - Haaretz
Iran tells Syria it must regain control of Golan - Ynetnews
Hamas 'very disturbed' over peace talks - Jerusalem Post
Iran–Syria–Hizballah–Hamas: A Coalition Against Nature - Why Does it Work? (PDF) - US Army War College

Study Points to Gaps in Port Security - ABC
Mideast governments increasingly ignore US views - Khaleej Times

Al-Qaeda urges attacks on US interests in Yemen - Khaleej Times

May 22, 2008

1. New Pakistani government signs accord with Taliban in Swat that sets in action a Pakistani troop withdrawal and the establishment of Taliban Sharia law.

2. After heavy concessions to Hizballah and Iran at Qatar meetings, Lebanese parliament is set to now elect a president Sunday after months of delay and dispute. Hizballah, Iran gains are significant and substantial.

3. Egypt-brokered talks between Israel and Hamas hit snag as Hamas says no deals unless blockade lifted. Israel instead preparing for massive Gaza assault.

4. Turkey-brokered Israel-Syria talks continue as unanswered question remains, will Syria forgo support for Hizballah?

5. The FBI's top native-Arabic speaking agent says the FBI counterterrorism division is woefully ill-equiped to confront current terrorist threat. FBI brass disagrees.

New fears on long-term oil supplies drive prices higher - International Herald Tribune
Oil hits fresh record to surpass $135 a barrel - International Herald Tribune
Gas Prices Force Ford to Cut Production - ABC

French Court Upholds: al-Durra Death Staged for Intifada Propaganda - Reuters

Iraqi Troops Welcomed In Sadr City - Washington Post
Operation in Sadr City is an Iraqi success, so far - IHT

Iran's surprise package tests waters - Asia Times
US looking for progress in Iran nuclear report: envoy - AFP

Syria-Israel peace deal 'requires shift in U.S. policy' - Haaretz/a>
Hamas says no truce unless Israel lifts Gaza blockade - AFP

Iran Gains a Big Victory in Lebanon - New York Sun
Hizballah Wins Big In Lebanon Deal - Hartford Courant
Disabled activists helped prod Lebanon politicians into accord - Los Angeles Times
History in the making for Hizballah, Nasrallah - Asia Times
Map: Hizballah Communications Network that Started Conflict - Global Politique
Lebanon will have a president this Sunday - Ya Libnan

Pakistani government inks peace deal with Swat Taliban - Long War Journal
Pakistan signs truce with Taliban faction - Los Angeles Times
Taliban says Pakistan peace deal depends on Sharia enforcement - AFP
US slams Pakistan pact with al-Qaeda-linked Taliban rebels - The Australian

Agent says 'FBI counter-terrorism division is ill-equipped to handle the terrorist threat' - LA Times
DNI: Intelligence Community Pay to be Performance-Based, Not Time-Based - Counterterrorism Blog
Pentagon Plan: 'Eliminate' Space, Cyberspace Threats - Wired

May 16, 2008

1. President Bush continues his Middle East trip, visiting Saudi Arabia next. Expected to address energy and Iranian threat.

2. Interpol says that the evidence found in the files of a FARC laptop seized in a recent Colombian government raid is authentic and 'genuine.'

3. Arab League, Hizballah and Lebanese government meeting in Qatar in attempt to defuse tensions, violence in Lebanon's ongoing power struggle.

4. As a late-June runoff election is announced in Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe continues to unleash violence and intimidation against the Anglican Church there through his police forces.

5. Satellite imagery reveals a massive missile site in China. FAS scientist discovered site using Google Earth, says is a medium range missile site capable of striking India and Russia.

Bush to Address Oil Prices, Iran During Saudi Visit - Washington Post
Saudis, US grapple with Iran challenge - Asia Times
Bush Moves to Reassure Israel - WSJ
Bush: Peace in Mideast in 60 years - Washington Times

Bin Laden urges Muslims to liberate Palestine - CNN
Demise of al-Qaeda in sight, US official says - Telegraph

Extensive missile site in China revealed by satellite: analyst - AFP
1999: China Increases Its Missile Forces While Opposing U.S. Missile Defense - Heritage.org
US warns China over weapon links in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan - AFP

Interpol: Farc rebel link files 'genuine' - BBC

7 Convicted in France On Terrorism Charges - Washington Post

Ahmadinejad Says Israel Is 'Dying' - RFE/RL
PM: U.S., Israel see need for 'tangible action' on Iran nukes - Haaretz

How Iran Is Killing U.S. Troops in Iraq - Pajamas Media
Attacks decrease in Sadr City; fighting shifts to western Baghdad - The Long War Journal
US House blocks Iraq war money, sets pullout plan - Reuters

Today in Lebanon: Rolling News Briefs - Ya Libnan
Lebanese Government, Hizballah Seek End to Political Stalemate - Bloomberg
Arab League talks in Qatar seek to defuse Lebanon crisis - Toronto Star

Pakistan resisting U.S. pressure on cross-border raids - International Herald Tribune

Gaza: Bomb explodes at Christian school - Jerusalem Post
Egypt's Mediation Efforts 'Begin to Bear Fruit' On Ceasefire in Gaza - INSS

Germany cites threat of Russian espionage - International Herald Tribune
Russia detains man accused of spying for Georgia - International Herald Tribune

Int'l Red Cross says 100,000 people affected by rebellion in Yemen's north - IRIN

Mugabe Unleashes Zimbabwean Police On Anglicans - International Herald Tribune
Gruesome photographs [ Warning: Very Graphic ] of Mugabe's violence against opposition - CentreRight
Zimbabwe runoff announced for end of June - CNN

Petraeus Effect: Army's Next Crop of Generals Forged in Counterinsurgency - Washington Post

May 13, 2008

1. Five bombs explode in India's tourist city of Jaipur, killing 60 and injuring more than 150. No reports or claims of responsibility at time of publishing.

2. Lebanon continues to roil in conflict as Hizballah takes over Druze village and demands PM Saniora resign.

3. Former PM Sharif's PML-N party withdraws from Pakistani cabinet over failure to reinstate judges sacked by Musharraf. Sharif said he plans to return to Pakistani parliament.

4. Venezuela to buy $2 billion in Russian arms.

5. As President Bush heads to the Middle East to encourage Saudi Arabia to increase oil production, debate continues at home over US reserves left untapped.

China's new naval base triggers US concerns - DefenceTalk
Chinese Rescue Workers Fight to Save Thousands Buried in Massive Quake - VOA

Colombia extradites 14 top paramilitary warlords to the United States - IHT

India tourist city blasts kill at least 60 - AFP
Initial Report: Five major blasts in Jaipur, 6 killed - Times of India
India: Bomb blasts rip through Jaipur market - Telegraph

Israel files complaint to UN after Qassam attack kills Israeli woman - Jerusalem Post
The key to peace: Islamic Jihad leader now says Two States works - The Australian
Israel Considers Truce Offer From Hamas - VOA

Hizballah demands Lebanon's PM resign - Globe and Mail
Saudi Arabia warns Iran over Lebanon 'coup' by Hizballah - Ya Libnan
Expected and undisturbed Hizballah coup - Middle East Times
In Lebanon, a Call for U.S. Action - Washington Post
Hizballah wants Assad back in Lebanon - Ya Libnan
Showdown between Hizballah and Beirut - Washington Institute
Hizballah 'redrawing' Mideast map - Washington Times
Graphic: Mapping Lebanon's Ethnic Mix - Le Monde

Pakistan coalition partner leaves cabinet over judges - International Herald Tribune
Judiciary row hits Pakistan's frail coalition - Sydney Morning Herald

President Bush heads to Mideast to talk peace, oil - CNN
Senate votes to halt strategic oil stockpiling - Los Angeles Times
Alaskan Natural Gas: 30 Years of Wasted Opportunity - Energy Tribune

Venezuela to buy Russian weaponry worth $2 Billion - DefenceTalk

May 6, 2008

1. Lebanon's government deemed Hizballah's telephone network to be illegal, will turn to Arab League and international bodies to end Iran's efforts to assist in the network's construction.

2. Former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton says the US should use air strikes against Iranian terror camps used to train and supply Iraqis attacking US and Iraqi forces.

3. US Attorneys Office unseals indictment against Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, charged with "conspiring to sell millions of dollars worth of weapons to the FARC to be used to kill Americans in Colombia."

4. A Palestinian recently killed in an Israeli strike was a teacher at a UN school in Gaza by day and an Islamic Jihad bomb maker by night.

John Bolton: US should bomb Iranian camps - Telegraph
Increasing domestic turmoil in Iran - Middle East Times
Iran rejects nuclear inspections unless Israel allows them - Washington Post
Iran suspends talks with US on security in Iraq - Washington Post

US conducts operations targeting Mahdi Special Groups in northern Rusafa - Long War Journal
Kurdish rebels threaten suicide attacks against US - New York Times
Document lists 6,000 al-Qaeda suicide bombers in Iraq - M&C

In Lebanon, Hezbollah arms stockpile bigger, deadlier - LA Times

Morocco under high alert after a probable AQIM dry run - Counterterrorism Blog
Also See: Algeria: Young al-Qaeda recruits arrested - AKI

Gaza headmaster by day at UN school was Islamic Jihad "rocket-maker" by night - Reuters

Suicide Attack, Clashes Kill 5 in Pakistan - WSJ

Russia and U.S. sign civilian nuclear pact - IHT

Viktor Bout Indicted for Conspiracy to Kill Americans & Related Terrorism Charges - Counterterrorism Blog
ATF: Phoenix Gun Dealer Supplied Mexican Drug Cartels - ABC News

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