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April 24, 2008

1. The United States released information that led to the September 6, 2007 Israeli air strike on a suspected Syrian nuclear facility being constructed with North Korean direction and assistance. Video from inside the facility positively identified it as a clandestine Syrian nuclear facility.

2. Sensing Syria under intense pressure, Iran's Ahmadinejad publicly warned the ally not to side with the Americans. Moves including reports of progress on agreement with Israel over Golan Heights and speculation that Syria led US and Iraqi forces to Iraq insurgency leader Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri may worry Iran of a weakening ally in Syria.

3. The Chinese ship discovered to be a major arms shipment to Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe has turned back toward China without unloading under intense international condemnation.

4. Pakistan is working on a second peace agreement in days with Taliban groups, this one with Baitullah Mehsud's Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan.

Intel: North Korea Helped Syria Develop Nuclear Program - ABC
U.S. Sees North Korean Links to Reactor - New York Times
Accurate October Speculation: Israel's Case for Syria Strike: Apparent Spy Had Hard Evidence - ABC

Related Developments?
Israel and Syria Hint at Progress on Golan Heights Deal - New York Times
Ahmadinejad warns Syria not to side with the Americans - Jerusalem Post
IAEA Says Iran Agrees to Clarify Nuclear Activity - VOA
'Progress' made during NoKor visit by US delegation on nuclear dispute - Jerusalem Post
Report: Insurgency leader Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri captured? Update: Given up by Syria? - Hot Air

British ex-jihadis form ranks for tolerance - CS Monitor

To Sideline Taliban, Afghan Agency Extends Government’s Reach - New York Times

Zimbabwe-Bound Ship Heads Back to China - New York Times
Tuesday: Debt Impound Uncovers Chinese Arms Shipment to Zimbabwe Tinderbox - ThreatsWatch

Walkout at U.N. over Libya's Gaza comparison to Nazi death camps - Los Angeles Times
U.S. Ambassador Walks Out After Israel Likened to Nazis - New York Sun
30 Palestinians arrested in Gaza operation; no IDF casualties reported - Jerusalem Post
Israel accuses Hamas of fabricating fuel crisis in Gaza Strip - M&C

9 people detained as Germans raid Islamic centers - International Herald Tribune

Saddam Hussein's ally Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri 'captured' in Iraq - Telegraph
Ultimatum issued to Mahdi Army in Basrah; 15 Mahdi fighters killed in Sadr City - The Long War Journal
Groups With Iran’s Backing Blamed for Baghdad Attacks - New York Times
Turkish Army Says It Has Struck Group in Iraq - Reuters

Hamas to hand truce proposals with Israel Thursday - Reuters
Turkey relayed Israel offer to swap Golan for peace: Assad - AFP

Pakistan: Peace Deal Between Islamabad, Pro-Taliban Militants Rankles U.S. - RFE/RL
Pakistan is negotiating a new peace agreement with Baitullah Mehsud - The Long War Journal
Alleged Pakistani Al-Qaeda chief orders end to attacks: letter - AFP

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