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April 22, 2008

1. Chinese ship bound for restive Zimbabwe found to be a a major arms shipment to Mugabe dictatorship after German bank attains debt-based impound order.

2. SecState Rice said Jimmy Carter warned against talks with Hamas as the US says no notable change in Hamas stance since Carter defied Executive Branch.

3. Israel's domestic intelligence Shin Bet reports that Gazans are paying doctors to declare them ill in order to gain access to Israeli hospitals.

4. A Georgian air force commander released footage from a drone that he says shows a Russian fighter shooting down the Georgian unmanned aerial vehicle.

5. Pakistan has released a senior Taliban commander Sufi Muhammad and signed a peace accord with the TNSM after Muhammad renounces attacks on government forces. No territory directly surrendered.

Zawahiri Response: Attacks on Western nations in the works - CNN
Zawahiri: Lebanon will Play Pivotal Role in al-Qaeda's Coming Battles - an-Nahar

Europe Not Seeing Jihadists Returning From Iraq As Feared - National Review
However: Europe facing radicalization over the Web - Middle East Times

Detainees Allege Being Drugged, Questioned - Washington Post
April 2008: Evidence Grows of Drug Use on Detainees - CQ Politics

UNIFIL finds Hizballah arms; Hizballah gunmen scatter UNIFIL forces - Haaretz
U.N. chief calls for Hizballah disarmament - USA Today

Rice says Carter was warned against meeting with Hamas - AP
US Sees No Change From Hamas After Carter Talks - VOA

Debt Impound Uncovers Chinese Arms Shipment to Zimbabwe Tinderbox - ThreatsWatch
Japan Reviews Defense Policy to Deal With China, Yomiuri Says - Bloomberg
10-year US term for trying to bring military secrets to China - AP

Shin Bet: Gazans pay doctors to declare them ill - Jerusalem Post
From Last Week: Three IDF soldiers killed by Hamas gunfire in renewed escalation in the Gaza Strip - ITIC

Lebanon postpones presidential vote again - AFP
New Lebanon Travel Warning for U.S. Citizens - an-Nahar

Pakistan releases Taliban leader, signs peace deal with outlawed Taliban group - The Long War Journal
Pakistan frees pro-Taliban leader - Washington Times
Background, 2006: Religious Organization TNSM Re-Emerges in Pakistan - Jamestown.org

Russia 'shot' Georgian plane - BBC Special Reports
Georgia-Russia Tension Escalates Over Downed Drone - New York Times

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