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April 21, 2008

1. Al-Qaeda in Iraq announces a new wave of operations celebrating 4,000 US dead milestone as Sadr openly talks of "open war" with Iraqi government.

2. A Japanese oil tanker took fire from an unidentified ship off the coast of Yemen.

3. After Hamas suicide car bombers attacked the Rafah Israel-Gaza crossing, injuring 13 IDF soldiers, Israel is bracing for more border attacks following Carter talks with Hamas.

4. Two pro-government officials were killed in Lebanon when gunmen attacked new Phalange Party center in a drive by shooting attack just after it was inaugurated.

5. As intelligence gained in Iraq reveals more al-Qaeda suicide bombers in Iraq hail from Libya - mostly from the city of Darnah - Russia is looking to 'rebuild ties' with Libya.

6. A Jamaat-i-Islami official has asked the government to commence impeachment proceedings against President Musharraf.

Iranian, Afghan forces trade gunfire at southwestern border, 1 civilian killed - Jerusalem Post
Several Taliban Killed in Southern Afghanistan - ABC

“India, U.S. should prepare for joint [maritime] military operations” with India - The Hindu

Indonesia Bans Jemaah Islamiyah After Malaysia Arrests Leaders On Way to Syria - CT Blog

Iran Rejects Nuclear Weapon Accusations Ahead of IAEA Visit - VOA
Iran loses patience with Shell's indecision - The Guardian
Anti-Iran sanctions have no effect on Iran's progress - IRNA

Sadr speaks on ”open war” as al-Qaeda to launch new 'celebration' campaign - al-Bawaba
New al-Qaeda in Iraq tape calls for month-long offensive - AP
Background Analysis: The Fiction of Abu Omar al-Baghdadi - ThreatsWatch
Rice, in Iraq, Praises Moves Against Militias - New York Times
NYT Posits Iran Is Sacrificing Sadr to Secure South - New York Times

Palestinian Suicide Bombers Attack Gaza Crossing - New York Times
IDF braces for more attacks on Gaza Israel border - Jerusalem Post
Calls for Crackdown on Carter Precede His Hamas Meeting - New York Sun

Carter: Hamas Willing to Accept Peace Deal With Israel If Approved by Palestinian Vote - VOA
Flashback 2006: The Hamas Hudna Hoodwink - ThreatsWatch
Palestinians' backing for terror rises - Jerusalem Post
Report: Hamas rejects Egyptian plan for truce with Israel - Haaretz
Taking cue from Hizballah, Hamas honing fighting force - Washington Times
Talks with Hamas: One Stage Too Many? - Haaretz

Two pro-government officials shot dead in Lebanon - GulfNews
Two Phalange Party Members Killed in Shooting Attack After Inauguration of New Party Center - an-Nahar
Hizballah: U.S. claims we use terror against civilians are baseless - Haaretz

Darnah to Sinjar, Iraq: Destination Martyrdom for Libyans - Newsweek
Putin looks to rebuild ties with Libya - IHT

Jamaat-i-Islami asks gov't to go for Musharraf’s impeachment - DAWN
U.S. Military Seeks to Widen Pakistan Raids - New York Times
Taliban: Free suspects in Benazir’s murder, Lal Masjid chief cleric and TNSM chief for envoy - Daily Times
3 publicly executed by Taliban in Waziristan - DAWN

Opposition Candidate, Former Priest, Wins Paraguay's Presidency - VOA

Report: Syria, Israel trade messages on possible peace talks - AP
Syrians hold sit-in in Damascus to protest beheadings in Saudi Arabia - Jerusalem Post

Guantanamo eight to sue MI5 and MI6 over 'illegal abduction and interrogation' - Daily Mail

Unidentified Ship Fires on Japanese Oil Tanker Near Yemen - ABC
Al-Qaeda in Yemen: Mercenaries or Terrorists? - The Long War Journal

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