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April 17, 2008

1. Seeking to strike its Sunni enemies and dominate media coverage with carnage, al-Qaeda bombing targets Iraq Awakening movement funeral in Kirkuk, killing 45.

2. Former President Carter is in Egypt to met with Hamas leaders a second time, amid criticism from all American sides and praise from Hamas terrorists, including its 'foreign minister.'

3. Following a Hamas ambush that killed 3 IDF soldiers, Israeli counter-strikes in Gaza kill 20.

4. US, EU, France, Britain, Germany, Russia meet in China to discuss nuclear incentives yet again for Iran as Ahmadinejad boasts Iran's military is 'most powerful in the world.'

5. UN Security Council reiterates Resolution 1701 calling for disarming Hizballah. Meanwhile, Hizballah's marketing has become increasingly professional, employing international firms for production.

British trials offer insights into terror cases - IHT

Hamas says Carter visit a boost to militants' legitimacy - AP
Legitimizing Hamas - Weekly Standard
Hamas delegation in Egypt for another Carter meeting - AFP
Hamas Founder Mahmoud al-Zahar: No Peace Without Hamas - Washington Post
WaPo Editors: Al-Zahar Is A Terrorist - Washington Post

The Egypt-Hamas media mud-slinging intensifies - ITIC

China Beefs Up Tibet Border Presence, Stops Refugee Flow Out - ABC

Presenting Brigadier General Qassem Suleimani as a 'Promoter of Peace'? - Haaretz
Chinese ambassador calls for closer ties with Iran - Tehran Times
Foreign powers mull 'incentives' for Iran during nuclear talks - AFP
Iran Thumbs Nose At West Over Oil Demands - Forbes
Report reveals Iran seized British sailors in disputed waters - Times Online
Ahmadinejad boasts over Iran's military as "Most powerful in the world" - AFP

Al-Qaeda bombing attack at Awakening funeral kills 45 - IHT
Iraqi Army discovers IED materials during Mahmudiyah clearing operations - MNF-I
Mass grave discovered as 1,300 troops and policemen sacked - Al-Bawaba
Work completed on North Hargawi water treatment facility - MNF-I
Iraq Replaces Two Senior Commanders in Basra - VOA
Anbar Insurgents Down in the Dumps - Military.com

Some 20 Gazans killed in IAF strikes after Hamas ambush - Jerusalem Post

UN Security Council reiterates 1701 call for disarming Hizballah - IHT
Selling Terror: Madison Avenue meets the Bekaa Valley - Weekly Standard

Assad: 'Syria preparing for war,' though 'intelligence does not indicate' imminence - al-Bawaba
Hizballah predicts war with Israel after May 15 - Ya Libnan
Olmert Hints Israel Nixed Syrian Nuke Program - JTA
Olmert says Israel not under Syrian nuclear threat - International Herald Tribune

US offers Pakistan government $7bn in non-military aid to fight terrorism - The Guardian
China to loan $500 mln to Pakistan - Reuters
GAO: Terrorists operating freely on Pakistan border - AP
After Decades, Pakistan Forces Thousands of Afghans to Leave - Washington Post

US sending diplomats to North Korea to nudge deal - AP
North Korea's food shortage may worsen, U.N. agency says - Los Angeles Times

Powers Maneuver at U.N. To Resolve Zimbabwe Crisis - New York Sun

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