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April 15, 2008

1. Al-Qaeda took two swipes at its former strongholds of Baquba (Diyala) and Ramadi (Anbar) with car bombs that killed scores of civilians, including over a dozen children. Likely target is media more than Iraqis as news of US surge success continues.

2. Germany's Army Chief of Staff has been quoted as saying he wants more German troops in Afghanistan in support of Germans stretched thin in northern Afghanistan.

3. Recent poll reflects Europeans see China (35%) as the greatest threat to global security. The United States, however, did receive 29% of the European threat vote.

4. Hamas has denied an Egyptian report that the Gaza terrorists intend a second breach of the Egyptian fence. The group did not, however, deny a Friday fatwa calling for attacks on Egyptian soldiers.

German Army Chief Wants More Troops for Afghanistan - AFP

Poll: Europeans see China as greatest threat to global stability, not US or Iran - Khaleej Times
Pakistan's Musharraf pushes China to build IPC oil, gas pipelines - Daily Times

Iran’s Top Terrorist, Brig. Gen. Suleimani, Emerges From the Shadows - CQ Homeland Security

Al-Qaeda Strikes Lost Strongholds with Car Bombs in Baquba, Ramadi - New York Times
Marine Colonel: 'Insurgents Largely Marginalized in Western Anbar Province' - DefenseLink
Fadhil: Iraq's Moment of Truth in Baghdad and Basra - Pajamas Media
When Sons of Iraq grow up - Long War Journal

Israel Says Will Connect To US Missile Early Warning Systems - AFP

Hizbullah militants regroup amid war jitters, recruiting Sunnis - CS Monitor
Report: Hizballah to Launch Offensive Against Israel if Israel Wages War, Shi'a Terrorists Recruiting Sunnis - An-Nahar

Hamas denies media reports of plans to breach Egypt's borders, but not Fatwa on attacking Egyptian soldiers - Haaretz
One million litres of fuel withheld in Gaza: UN - AFP

PM Gillani: New anti-terror policy soon - Daily Times
Al-Qaeda has new sanctuaries in Pakistan, says FBI chief - Daily Times

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