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April 10, 2008

1. Terrorists infiltrating from Gaza carried out an attack in Israel which killed two workers at a fuel depot. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility, though Israel intends to show Hamas' fingerprints.

2. Following General Petraeus' report to Congress on Iraq status, President Bush will announce shortened tours and a pause in troop withdrawal.

3. Trouble in Egypt continues as food price riots and Muslim Brotherhood anger over local elections converge to disrupt parts of the north African nation.

4. With another suicide bombing in southern Afghanistan killing eight, Afghanistan is seeking training for its forces from Indian experts and military personnel.

5. On the heels of last year's congressional junket to meet with Syrian dictator Assad, former president Jimmy Carter plans trip to meet Hamas' terror leader Khaled Meshaal in Damascus.

Former President Carter to Meet With Hamas Chief - Washington Post
The Trouble with Talking - Power Line

Norway Reverses Opposition to U.S. Missile Shield - Defense News

Al-Qaeda leader al-Masri believed dead of natural causes - BBC
AQIM mastermind of French killings arrested in Mauritania - AP
Chilling AQ Martyrdom Video Shown in U.K. Court - ABC

8 Civilians Killed in Suicide Attack in Southern Afghanistan - ABC
Suicide bomber targets foreign (NATO) soldiers - AKI
Afghanistan Wants Indian Help Training Troops - Defense News

China: Kidnap Plot During Olympic Games Foiled - Washington Post

Egypt calls in more troops in case of Gaza border breach - AFP
U.S. Criticizes Egyptian Local Elections - RTT News
Egyptian Local Poll: Mubarak's Games - Global Politician
Egypt moves to appease angry workers - MSNBC
World Bank Calls for Action: Chaos Spreads as Food Prices Skyrocket - der Spiegel

Hamas undertaking a broad military buildup, Israeli study finds - International Herald Tribune
Original Study: Hamas’s military buildup in the Gaza Strip (PDF) - ITIC
Hamas says 'Israel is digging tunnels into Gaza' for kidnapping operations - Jerusalem Post

Ahmadinejad fires economics and interior ministers ahead of elections in Iran - New York Times
President Ahmadinejad: Era of Iran's enemies over - IRNA
Ahmadinejad says Iran's mission is to 'annihilate corrupt powers that dominate our planet' - AKI

MND-B Soldiers detain suspected EFP cell leader, seize cache - MNF-I
Iraq Sets Curfew on 5th Anniversary of the Fall of Baghdad - VOA
Iraqi Police, Iraqi Army discover large cache in Husayniyah - MNF-I
Babylon & Beyond: U.S. and Iran's talk about talks continues - Los Angeles Times
President Bush to Announce Shortened Tours, Pause in US Troop Withdrawals from Iraq - VOA

Gaza Fuel Depot Closed After Attack - AP
2 Israeli civilians killed in attack by Gaza infiltrators - Haaretz
Israel plans int'l campaign to show Hamas behind Wed. attack - Haaretz

AF Sec. Wynne: Safety of space assets not assured - Air Force Times
Army to Relax Information Controls to Keep Pace with Cyberspace - DefenseLink

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