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April 09, 2008

1. General David Petraeus explained that US withdrawal should pause once pre-surge level reached in July, afford 45-day period of evaluation, and then assess situation for 'conditions-based' withdrawal rather than a blind time line.

2. In a move that may be seen as interference for its Syrian ally, Russia has questioned arrests made in the Hariri assassination UN investigation.

3. Israeli Defense Forces discovered tunnel linking Northern Gaza to Israel for terrorist infiltration. Nearly all other tunnels to date have been in south for smuggling from Egypt.

4. An Israeli commentary very accurately describes Iran's nuclear strategy: Talk and Build. Yesterday, Russia announced plans for talks on new incentives after Iran said it would not cease for incentives.

Petraeus recommends troop pause - Washington Times
A 'Conditions-Based' Answer - Washington Post
Petraeus urges 45-day halt in weighing new Iraq troop cuts -IHT
Petraeus, Democrats square off - Los Angeles Times
Iraq by the numbers: April 2008 - Long War Journal

Clashes continue in Baghdad, Basra - Long War Journal
7 Killed in Blast in Baghdad's Sadr City - ABC

Key conspirator ‘took on new identity to join in transatlantic bomb plot’ - Times Online

Afghanistan to cement defense ties with India - The Post

Iranian Nuclear Strategy: Talk and Build - Spero News

Tunnel meant for terrorist infiltration found in Northern Gaza - Haaretz
IDF soldier killed in Gaza ambush - Jerusalem Post

Philippines Police Seize Bomb Materials - AP

Russia to parade military as defense industry decays - Washington Times

Russia Questions Arrests in Hariri Death - New York Sun

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