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April 8, 2008

1. General David Petraeus gets set to deliver Iraq assessment to Congress amid political circus of presidential candidates who are all sitting Senators. Petraeus recommended a July pause for assessment before withdrawing beyond pre-surge force levels.

2. Chinese Defense Minister says his country seeks even deeper military ties with Russia.

3. Iran has announced it has begun to install an additional 6,000 centrifuges to its underground Natanz enrichment facility. Currently has 3,000 installed there while under sanctions for enrichment program.

4. French Foreign Minister recommends 'reinforced sanctions' over Iran centrifuge developments.

5. Tensions in the Israel-Lebanon-Syria border area continue to rise as Israel completes its largest civil defense drills ever.

Insurgents attack road workers in southern Afghanistan; 17 killed, 16 wounded - Canadian Press

Al-Qaeda Group (AQIM) Holding Austrian Hostages Issues Fresh Demands - Bloomberg

Defense minister says China seeking to deepen military ties with Russia - International Herald Tribune

Food Protests Strike Haitian Capital< Presidential Palace Stormed - ABC

Indonesia Blocks Web Access Over 'Fitna' Film - ABC

Iran expands its uranium enrichment program - International Herald Tribune
French FM suggests reinforced sanctions against Iran over new nuclear work - Jerusalem Post
Last Week: Iran Refuses to Halt Nuclear Work for Incentives - VOA
Today: Russia's Lavrov: International negotiators working on new incentives for Iran - Jerusalem Post

Petraeus Recommends July Pause Before Withdrawing Beyond Pre-Surge Levels - ABC
Al-Sadr Postpones Big Baghdad Protest - New York Times
Iraqi Forces, Mahdi Militiamen Clash in Sadr City - New York Sun
Fighting intensifies in Iraq's capital - Los Angeles Times
Sadr Told to Disband Militia - Washington Post
Iran Condemns Iraq Green Zone Attacks - AP

Large Israeli military drills raise alerts - Middle East Times
Sirens wail in Israel as part of largest ever civil missile defense drill - M&C

Hizballah turns to Iran for new weapons to wage war on Israel - The Independent
Assad: We'll use any means in Lebanon - Jerusalem Post

Unrest in Kenya as Peace Plan Falters - New York Times

Mauritania security forces find bomb-making facility after shootout - AFP

'34 Percent of South Korean Army Cadets Regard US as Main Enemy' - Korea Times

Iranian news agency: Syria arrests Saudi official tied to Mughniyeh death - Jerusalem Post

Turkish police, courts target al-Qaeda cells - Southeast European Times

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