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April 5, 2008

1. Lebanese PM puts Army on alert and Iran puts Hizballah on alert 'fearing imminent IDF attack.'

2. Iran has said once again, just as it has since EU3 negotiations in years past, that it will not exchange its enrichment program for any incentives packages offered.

3. After reports of Chinese troops firing on Tibetan monks yesterday, today it is reported that China has blocked international reporting from the region once again.

4. An Iraqi priest has been assassinated in Baghdad as terrorist attacks on Christians continue in the ongoing ethnic cleansing attempt to purge the religious minority from the country.

New Zawahiri tape suggests al-Qaeda PR shift - CS Monitor
Al-Libi: From American prison to the heights of Al Qaeda - International Herald Tribune

Facebook terror threat: Man claims he is Hizballah and will kill Australian - The Australian

China Blocks Reporting in Tibetan Areas - ABC
France sets Olympics conditions - BBC

East Timor Militia Leader Aquitted by Indonesia's Supreme Court - VOA

Iran Refuses to Halt Nuclear Work for Incentives - VOA
2006 Flashback: Iran Answers: Enrichment Halt 'Completely Unacceptable' - ThreatsWatch
Message from the Mullahs: Russia to Continue Nuclear Cooperation with Iran - Fars News Agency
Message from the Mullahs: Lebanon, Hizballah on full alert - Press TV

Combat Video: Special Forces Fight in Sadr City - Blackfive
Iraqi priest shot dead in Baghdad - BBC
Maliki vs Sadr, Round 5 - Los Angeles Times

Security forces fear plane attacks - UPI

Lebanon raises military alert fearing imminent IDF attack - Haaretz

Pakistan not involved in acts of terror in India: Nawaz Sharif - Khabrein.info

Missile Defense Deal Unlikely in Russia - AP

Pirates Seize French Ship Off Somalia - ABC

Zimbabwe Opposition Barred From Court - ABC
Tsvangirai declares Zimbabwe run-off 'not necessary' - BBC

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