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April 4, 2008

1. While Iran is amid process of upgrading cascades to P-2 centrifuges, China denies report that it shared Iran intelligence with IAEA.

2. Israel and the United States will be coordinating in the boycot of the UN-sponsored Durban II 'anti-racism' conference. The original conference was criticized sharply for open racist incitement against Jews.

3. In Zimbabwe, Mugabe is said to vow to "fight to the last" in the yet unresolved election there.

4. Lebanon's seemingly perpetual presidential candidate, General Suleiman, has threatened to abandon the nomination if political bickering inside Lebanon does not subside.

5. Fresh violence has erupted in Tibet, with Chinese troops reportedly firing on Tibetan monks. Eight are said to have been killed today.

Russia, NATO agree on Afghan supply route - UPI

New Violence Reported in Tibetan Area, 8 Reported Dead - ABC
China denies giving intelligence on Iran - UPI
China order targets dissent ahead of Olympics - Washington Times

Disputes Follow Opening of Divided Street in Cyprus - New York Sun

Israel, U.S. to coordinate on boycott of Durban II 'anti-racism' conference - Haaretz

Diplomats: Iran Assembling Centrifuges, Replacing Older with Advanced P-2 Design - AP
Iran vows to reject deal to suspend uranium enrichment - Iran Focus
Putin says Iran is no threat - Middle East Online
Intelligence officials now downplay December Iran NIE - Washington Times

The Press Botches Basra - Weekly Standard
Rival claims over Basra battle - BBC
Sadr calls for his own 'Million-Man March' against U.S. 'occupiers' - ABC
The Second Iran-Iraq War - WSJ
Intelligence Update Cites Progress in Iraq - New York Sun
Maliki Freezes Raids Targeting Sadr's Militia - NY Post
More than 1,000 in Iraq's forces quit Basra fight - International Herald Tribune

Israel beefs up flight security - Scotsman
Hamas says its gunmen wound Israeli minister's aide - AFP

Hamas seizes Palestinian university - World Tribune

U.N. Hariri Probe Digging Up Evidence on Criminal Network - an-Nahar
Lebanon's army chief threatens to quit presidential race if political wrangling continues - IHT

Pakistan arrests four Turkish al Qaeda suspects - Reuters
US braces for Pakistan’s new plan - DAWN
Ross: Statecraft And The Pakistan Paradox: Can U.S. Get On Good Side Of History And Revamp Assault On al-Qaeda? - CBS

Up to 18 linked to jet bomb plot - Toronto Star

Mugabe said ready to 'fight to the last' - UPI
Inside Mugabe's Divided Ranks - Globe and Mail
The Death of Zimbabwe II - Faster, Please!

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